Debuting Positivities in a Pandemic

I’m being “citrusy.”

Turning lemons into lemonade during this pandemic and lockdown.

Preface. I’m NO stranger to isolation. My strong tendency to isolate, to speak to no one for days and days, to survive with no human interaction for extended periods have been quite problematic and detrimental to my health and wellbeing for a very long time.

So isolating and social distancing are neither a challenge nor an adjustment. Crawling OUT of isolation amid widespread isolation and social distancing seems incongruent, contradictory.

BUT I live alone (duh). And I go stir-crazy holed up in a tiny studio.

I lovelovelovelove to read, always have!

Yet I can read only so much social media … corona virus news and updates.

This crisis and isolation, for better or worse, has raised hard introspective questions — and illuminating answers that demand I change my stubborn ways.

Come OUT of virtual autism and isolation. Feed my life, not invisibility.

Hence my goal is to write daily to capture a Moment in these unprecedented times. Express. Put on record moments never seen in my 63 years in which I’ve seen and experienced A LOT A LOT A LOT A LOT.

Here we go. The debut of Positivities in a Pandemic.

So when the clock strikes 5 p.m., I spring alive. Can’t go to the gym or favorite pub like usual. Instead I go for a walk.

It’s a positive that this pandemic struck Phoenix — aka Purgatory of the Southwest — in a window of good weather: 75 high / 54 low (24 C high/11 C low).

Being outdoors is pleasant and doable! (That’ll change rapidly in another couple months — all the more reason to appreciate timing.)

By no stretch of the imagination could my walks be called “scenic.”

I reside in an Urban Sea. Cars, concrete, a constant cacophony, a fair share of chaos and crime.

Climate notwithstanding, none of that compels local outdoor recreation!

My immediate choices are:

(a) walking along the shoulder of the major interstate just outside my studio — no;

(b) walking along VERY busy noisy main thoroughfares also just outside my studio — nyet;

(c) walking through subdivisions of nice modern homes — can do.

I’m living in the moment … open to all things good … taking notice of all things big and tiny as I venture into unchartered subdivisional territory!

On today’s evening stroll — my second — this “star flower” in a large bush caught my attention.

‘Tis a moment in a category I’m calling Pretties in a Pandemic.

We all need them.

Its texture is that of a thin magnolia and its fragrance subtly floral and sweet.


“Starflower” is sweet