Good luck, captain, in Naya Rivera shit storm!

The Twitter shit storm around Naya Rivera is UN-REAL.

In terms of volume, heat and intensity of toxic waste, an explosion at a nuclear power plant pales by comparison.

My sole social media source is Twitter, always has been.

My excursions focus on issues political, sociopolitical, socioeconomic, cultural, local, national, global. The thinking man’s menu. A reporter’s nature. A researcher’s curious and investigative mind.

Even when celebrity Kobe Bryant died, I was indifferent to public opinion. Once the cause of crash became quickly and inarguably obvious to me, I moved on.

Sure, I caught wind of Twitter’s toxic commentary, conspiracy theories and  people being extraordinarily Stupid. Impossible not to. But I neither lingered nor engaged.

So this current plunge into Twitter Big Celebrity News — Rivera’s disappearance — is a first.

I took it on willingly — not for its news value, it’s certain she drowned for not wearing a life vest — but to observe my countrymen and fellow humans as a scientist might observe creatures in a lab.

Not pretty, in fact downright terrifying are my findings.

Can she be serious?!?!

What garbage!! 

Utterly absurd! Asinine. 

Get real!

Total lack of even common sense!

Any ring familiar in your social media experience?

Don’t even get me started on the illiteracy!! — to which as a wordsmith I’m highly sensitive and aware.

Now, pertaining to celebrity and journalistically “light news,” it could be proposed that the Lowest Common Denominators prevail … that those with the least thinking power and insight are most convinced that their thoughts are of tremendous substance and value and must be shared with the world, they simply must!

It’s hubris. Hubris is hell on social media. BUT hubris is what keeps wheels spinning and engine greased.

For fun, imagine what Twitter / social media would look like if to get in through the door, one had to prove an IQ of 110, minimum. Like ID checks at clubs.

While the policy wouldn’t eliminate moronic exchanges, it’d reduce their number — marginally perhaps but even that would bring a whiff of fresh air and relief at Club Stupid Stank.

None of this is news to you or me.

It’s me processing my First Feast at the Celebrity Table on Twitter.

Brutal, man, fucking brutal.

“No signs of intelligent life here” has popped up a lot.

BUT! I persevered. Soldiered onward. I stayed true to the quest.

I accomplished my goal of joining in the community in wake of a celebrity event.

Once was enough.

My top takeaways:

I learned a lot about people on social media — a frightening amount —  and/or what is learned is frightening.

An unrelenting stream of attacks and hateful messaging isn’t my thing.

I’ve seen “moron” used more times in these past 4 days than in 63 years of living.

About myself I learned:

I can provide brain power to those lacking it only so much. Eventually I’m exhausted.

Yet still in my persevering determined nature I so want to keep pushing forward to fill that void. It’s been a significant struggle. I’ve had to teach myself to Let Stupid and Insanities Be. Just walk away. Very hard to do, to willfully not shine light in a dark room.

I prefer intelligent dialogue.

Above all, and until my last hour, I prefer books.