“How to Stay Put. For 20 Minutes.” Not on Amazon. Yet.

Part Boy Scout and part paramedic.

I live in a constant state of preparedness to move. And move immediately. And without assistance.

I’m moving within a month. Dunno where; still looking. But moving I am, hence preparations are underway.

At any given time — even without impending relocation — I’m already 10 steps ahead of the game. Examples:

* I’m an anti-clutter nazi. I often and regularly go through files, papers, personal belongings no longer wanted or needed for disposal or donations.

* I’m über clean, tidy and organized. People’ve long called me a neat freak. I disagree. I see nothing freakish about my meticulous cleanliness! *Others* are the freaks for their sloth or slovenly ways! haha.

Point is, I clean EVERY SQUARE INCH of any place when I move in. The old-fashioned way: on hands and knees and with a toothbrush into spaces where rags or brushes can’t fit.

Meticulous is my middle name. Often even my first!

Moreover, such fastidious isn’t a one-time deal. I maintain the whole of my place like that. Spotless or pretty damn close! Down into the crevices in the rubber trim of freezer and refrigerator doors.

It’s who I am. Fastidiously clean and tidy.

Hence when moving time comes, I’m waaaay ahead of the crowd. No deep cleaning’s required. I could almost just pack up and walk out the door. Almost.

* I live outta boxes. A sad statement indeed — especially at my age (58) — but true.

Which isn’t to say that EVERY item’s in a box. I hang my clothes. I put kitchen tools in a drawer. Bath towels are hung on a rack and books are put on a shelf — presuming I’ve got one.

If I don’t, then they’re kept in a box and only a select few are put out onto a table. IF I’ve got a table, that is. Many are the times when I’ve had no furniture, only boxes as substitutes. Costco boxes are the BEST as furniture!!

Hence when it comes to moving, with a good 90-95% of what I own already boxed, I’m already halfway there!

What’s wrong with me you wonder! Fair question.

Ain’t enough time — or space in a blog — to tell that life story. Suffice it to say that about half of my moves were not desired but forced by circumstances or some truly nutty roommates. Some were even certifiable!

Like the woman who suddenly changed the locks on me. For NO reason. In a blizzard. Leaving me homeless. On the night before I was to begin a new job. There’s a story of insanity (hers!) I’ve never written.

Anyhow. I’ve lost count of the number of moves. This upcoming one might be #54. (So many moves, no relation to the military; everyone asks.)

So yeah, with such uncommon instability and unfairness dished out by others, ya learn to live On the Go.

And outta boxes. Knowing full well that at any moment, your insane roommate will kick you out or change the locks or some jerk landlord will say bye. Life isn’t safe. Or predictable. It just isn’t.

So here’s the short of it when it comes to moving. I live outta boxes. I run a meticulously clean and tidy and organized space. Also, I’m highly intelligent and think ahead.

*Hence the three venetian blinds — the bland everyday cheap versions from some big-box store — have been dusted.

* All shelving and drawers in kitchen and bathroom have been wiped down. Yes, there’s still stuff in there to pack, once I’ve got the new place secured. But come actual moving time, it’s Pack, Another Quick Wipe and Go.

* Freezer is wiped clean. The more actively-used refrigerator will wait until final moment.

* Microwave also cleaned. Including the inside ceiling. So another easy wipe upon final exit.

Essentially, I’m a powerhouse of cleaning. I’m three professional cleaners rolled into one. Nothing gets by me. N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

And I mean N-O-T-H-I-N-G!

Others would be lucky to have half my attention to detail!

Anyhow, back to the beginning. Part Boy Scout and part paramedic. I’m prepared to respond to any domestic situation and crisis in a heartbeat.

Live Clean. Simply. Minimally.

Live Out of Boxes.

I have gifts. I could write a how-to book but that’d bore me silly. P.S. I’m not called the Moving Queen for nuthin’!

The book I need to learn to write: “How to Stay Put. For 20 Minutes.”

Look for it on Amazon one of these days. When I can dedicate free time to full-on writing rather than chronic cleaning and packing! 🙂