Empty Bowls overfloweth with community support, generosities

{eyeballing blank screen, waiting for the words to come}

{still staring. what topic captures my focus today? what’s my mood?}

{if i keep starin’ like this, the paramedics are gonna discover me stuck to this here chair lookin’ like the mother in “Psycho”!}

Okay, here’s something.

Prescott’s an active, dynamic community. Shhhhhhhh, mum’s the word (speaking of mothers), don’t want word getting out. Always things going on.

Tomorrow Empty Bowls comes to courthouse plaza. Which sounds as you might imagine. The historic courthouse standing squarely and proudly in the center of the square flanked by the old saloons and shops and eateries and post office of historic Whiskey Row. Courthouse plaza remains the heartbeat of Prescott from her inception in the days of Wild West yore to now.

For $15, visitors can select a handmade bowl from some 800 made created by local artists.

Then they have their bowls filled with two soups stirred up by 15 restaurants and chefs in the community. Have a look-see at a sampling of what’s on tap:

* Asparagus and prosciutto with parmesan crostini
* Clam chowder
* Green chili pork
* Chicken tortilla
* Drunken mushroom soup
* Jalapeño beer cheese
* Black bean
* Southwest beef
* Posole
* Vegetable minestrone
* Tomato basil bique

I mean, how do you decide?!?

Now, I’m a foodie. I’ll toot my own horn here for a second. I’m a terrific soup-maker.

Matter of fact, I’ve oft stated that winter brings out the German hausfrau in me. Just add way more more meat to my bones and waaaaay bigger boobs and I’d be the picture of old-country Gerda standing at the stove stirring her soup pot containing some delicious stick-to-your-bones concoction made entirely from scratch and love.

Speaking of love, Empty Bowls is certainly a labor of love from the community!

Proceeds from the event go to area food banks and the outpouring of support is impressive. For example, merchants are donating rolls, bottled water and gift cards. A real estate company is providing use of its trick to transport the 24 tables and 200 chairs donated by a local museum.

A Boy Scout troop is setting up the canopies, tables and chairs while a Girl Scout group is washing dust off the ceramic bowls before soup’s on! Plus a church youth group is handing out rolls and water as well as selling raffle tickets and escorting disabled people in line to the front. The list goes on.

Makes me weepy just writing this!

In addition to a raffle is a silent auction with a tempting array of speciality pieces like handmade platters, bowls, mugs, vases, art pieces, jewelry, spoons, trays.

Again with the weepy. 🙂

Also – thank you local paper for all this info! — a couple clay companies, one in Phoenix, another in California, donated much of the clay. And around 300 wooden bowls are from a local wood turners group and college.

The outpouring of support and involvement is so impressive, moving.

I will be there. Especially now, having read of all the effort, work and giving and spirit of generosity given to this event. Last year, $14,000 was distributed to various area food banks. I’ll bet we top it this year. I also predict a fantastic turnout at the event that runs from 11 a.m. to 2.

Oh yeah, those wanting only soup, no ceramic bowl, can get theirs in a Styrofoam bowl with roll and water for 5 bucks.

For me, especially because I’m building a base, hearth and home here (in the psychological sense, not the physical structure), am starting with a fresh slate from scratch and am verrrry selectively and mindfully bringing into my space only items of quality that I love, a soup bowl created by a local individual is perfect.

Can’t wait to see what bowl of the vast array speaks to my heart! Expect pictures, including of the final bowl selected.

Or … yum! … to sample the gourmet soups! … though it’s almost certain to highlight green chili pork stew (which I discovered during my New Mexico chapter a decade ago).

Prescott’s Empty Bowls shall be empty no more. They already overfloweth with the outpouring of community support, generosity and kindness.