You say po-tay-to, I say hey, whoa!

Ah, the pleasure of discovery at the brewery!

9 o’clock at hight. Too early to go home and pass the hours of boredom and loneliness watching Netflix on the laptop in bed.

Bonus at the brewery! It’s Thirsty Thursday. Pints at happy hour prices all day.

The town’s best-known brewery — in part because it bears the town’s name — is dead. A seat at the bar, no problem-o, senor!

I custom-order a pint: of porter and java-nator, a coffee-flavored doppelbock. Jeremy the bartender knows me. He’s always up for creating concoctions.

Rather than my phone to read online, I pull out my journal to write.

Then it happens!

A young twosome — and only couple at the counter this uncharacteristically quiet night — places an order.

A plate sized for a side salad arrives. Only it ain’t lettuce piled on!

It’s fries!

For 99 cents, I overhear!

“Hey, whoa!! You can get a side of fries for 99 cents?!” I exclaim. With surprise bordering on a child’s discovering Santa.

Yep, says Jeremy. Any hour, any day of the week. Fries, slaw, salad too.

“How did I not know this?!” — after 2+ years of patronage. Ain’t on the menu and word just never floated my way. Until now.

“Got to get me some!” Jeremy adds a small plate of fries to a tab of a pair of pints.

Understand. Fries are not “my thing” (though I love potatoes). Plus I’m very picky when indulging that rare craving. Begins and ends at McDonald’s.

So last night’s discovery is doubly delightful. Hot fries, short steak cut, nicely seasoned crispy, not greasy, firm, not limp, with a side of mayo. Ketchup – blech! For 99 cents!

The quintessential late-night snack! Perfectly paired with a pint!

Cuz sometimes a pint-sized girl needs a snack. A pair in the night. {wink wink} A potatoes pair!