Pedals — and Petals — Power

I’m in a blue mood.

Would rather feel in the pink. Haha, no wordplay intended. You’ll get the humor in a moment.

Was searching for today’s perfect moment and couldn’t find one. Not that one isn’t there. The inability to spot one speaks more to my blue mood than itsĀ absence.

Then I flashed back to this finding in front of a Safeway supermarket.

Some brave soul rides around on this! Congrats to her! I presume it’s a female for reasons that’ll come clear.

“This’ll make a today’s perfect moment,” I thought when I pulled out the cell phone camera. Three days ago.

I didn’t use it then so “today’s perfect moment” isn’t, technically.

That’s OK, I suppose. Anything that lifts you from a blue mood to put you into the pink has gotta be good.


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