Craigslist: A mirror of humanity

One of the toughest, smarmy-ist gigs on the planet is craigslist.

Craigshitlist as I sometimes call it but that’s neither here nor there today.

I’m selling some items before a move. Quality items, well cared for like everything I own, and worth some bucks. A few have sold for pennies on their values; others have gotten no nibbles despite practically giving ’em away. So discouraging.

Anyhow, to the story.

I had this router. A Belkin. Mint condition. Original box even! A few years old but still perfectly useable.

I posted it for $5.

No nibbles.

So I posted it in the Free section.

Then I got a bite. Only then did I get a bite. Guy named Mark.

Then I had second thoughts. That in efforts to clear out, I’d been hasty in marking it from $5 to free. And I had.

I reposted at $5.

I so informed Mark.

Then he revealed himself. Wasn’t what he wrote or the way he wrote it. Was perfectly concise.

It was his message between the lines.

He wouldn’t pay (even) 5 bucks for it but would happily take it when it’s free.

That turned me off completely. Ticked me off.

I pictured him taking it then turning around and selling it for some bucks on ebay or wherever. No verifiable evidence but a hunch.

Turns out it didn’t sell for even 5 bucks.

Rather than give it to that guy, I donated it to Best Buy’s recycling, mint condition, cables ‘n’ all!

As for Mark, I simply let him know the router was gone. End of story.

Though not really. The experience reminded that some, many, people want something for free.

They’re unwilling to contribute even a penny. Or appreciate a fantastic bargain when presented.

I hate those people. Probably ’cause I’ve had to work so damn hard and earn everything, beginning with my breath in infancy. Whether I have is debatable.

I’ve NO concept whatsoever of entitlement, deservingness or receiving anything for free. Quite the contrary. Material for therapy.

Sooooo, story short, Best Buy got my router and Mark the Taker got zip. Despite logic, and a perfectly fine email exchange. My gut said otherwise and I went with it.

No second thoughts no regrets — save for a world of Takers.

“There are two types of people,” commented my dad when I was like 12. “Givers and Takers.”

Whooooooooo-hoooo was — is — he right! Proven right by life. That’s all today.