Heave-ho to old habits! Hello Rooster!

I’ve developed a habit.

A bad habit.

A habit of not writing stories in a colorful and never-a-dull-moment life.

I know the roots of why, mostly.

As unhealthy / painful / traumatic as the whys are, still I continue.

Takes 40 days of a different / better behavior to loosen the grip of a habit, they say.

Could be. I rarely give myself time to find out. Another bad habit developed over time: giving up too easily. Throwing in the towel — with expletives along the lines of “fuck it, doesn’t matter, the world’s shitty, I’m worthless, just ask my mother.”

A tired old refrain that regardless I continue to chant.

Ugh. Why? Habit. Bad habit.

So here’s what I’m thinkin’ today.

Tomorrow’s a new moon.

Moreover, it’s the Chinese New Year. The Year of the Rooster. The Fire Rooster.

I’m a Rooster. Even better, a Fire Rooster!

If ever there was a year for me to Let The Past Go and Begin Anew, Initiate, Get Back on the Horse and Gallop Onward, 2017 is it!

Recognize the old habits when they pop up. And pop up they do and shall — persistently, repetitively. Like a broken record that just won’t give up.

Recognize that it is an old habit bellowing that same ol’ song.

Lift the needle off the vinyl — I’m a vinyl fan from way back, long before CDs existed — and flip the record.

What’s on the B side? Dunno. Whatever, it’s time to find out. To kick these lingering old bad habits to the curb.

Sorry, guys, you’ve had your 15 minutes — and then some! Time to love you, forgive you and let you go.

The Fire Rooster’s crowing in my ear. However unmelodic, out of tune or dissonant its song may be, it’s gotta be better than the broken record of same ol’ same ol’.

So sing Fire Rooster! Sing loudly! Sing freely!

I welcome your proud bold Spirit back into my life!

Fire Rooster Symbol of 2017 New Year

Fire Rooster 2017 Chinese New Year










Taking the express lane at the blogosphere’s supermarket

Has it really been eight days since I blogged?


I’ve thought about it a thousand times! Told myself I should blog on this or that.

I mean, it’s not like I’m lacking content! Just made a major move! There’s tons I could write about.

About the new place. Projects under way. Accomplishments already achieved in the short time here. My relief in being out from under the neighbors at the last place.

My focus is somewhat all over the map right now.

Plus I’m holding two jobs (each PT), one of which I love and the other, a Lame Crap Job, ready to drop the microsecond a better one appears.

I’m ungrounded. That’s essentially the reason for the lapse in blogging and, too frequently I’m sad to say, journaling.

I’m trying to find my footing in healthful practices and positive habits.

But, I’ve discovered, I have a tendency to let the “good practices” go and return to old familiar “comforts” — though they’re not particularly healthy or truly comforting — when stresses and worse overtake.

I cling to a life raft that’s deflated when the tsunami hits. “Better a deflated raft than no raft at all” is my thinking.

Childhood experiences and traumas never go away I guess.

That’s all I got for now.

I gotta get going to my Lame Crap Job. Yes, that job that I began like two months ago — and still haven’t announced!

Then tonight I’ve got the shift at the radio station. As far from a Lame Crap Job as you I can get!

Being there is a joy. Being at the other (a throwaway Lame Crap Job) is, well, better than not working at all.

Yep, I lead a schizophrenic life! And I do it without the “help” of medications!

Pretty brave of me, no?

Pretty un-American too!

This has been the quickie check-in check-out. Like the express lane at the blogosphere’s supermarket.

{dang! forgot the radishes}

Toodles for now.