Sunday, Bloody Sunday thanks to Roommate, Bloody Roommate

So much for that idea. The idea of sleeping in on a Sunday. My first free Sunday — and first unemployed Sunday — in months.

My roommate’s as noisy as they come. She’s loud, cyclonic and inconsiderate, even bombastic. Combined, these are elements for a pretty obnoxious roommate.

The idea was to sleep in, not strictly to rectify sleep irregularities and deprivations partly job-related but to strengthen a body depleted by health problems and imbalances.

Boosting my immune system, enhancing my well-being — these are endeavors that receive little to no support from my home environment!

Seriously. In fact, my home environment hinders them , and it is only through my own persevering efforts that I’m making any progress at all! I’m like that salmon swimming upstream, battling the forces that would deplete or destroy me just for the chance at reproduction!!

Note: No babies are involved in my current personal battle! 🙂

As I was saying the plan was to sleep in for some all-important, needed and revitalizing sleep. Alas, it was not to be, more precisely could not be, in the House of the Loud. Note, that’s L-O-U-D, not L-O-R-D.

J.’s up with the worms (5:30). Left to my own rhythms, I’m in deep REM in those early hours. Bye-bye personal rhythms in the presence of J.! Moreover, bye-bye personal needs. Bye-bye personal empowerment and choice. She’s just that dominating, just that controlling. Like I’ve written before, it’s her way or no way.

And so it goes with the mornings. At 6:30 in the a.m., on a Sunday made precious without work and with opportunity to sleep, I was awakened by the loud TV in the living room! J. watching the weather or whatever.

It’s ludicrous, I suppose, that a loud roommate would have a TV volume on anything but a loud! :p

Yeah, shook me out of a deep slumber and that was that. I couldn’t get back to sleep, no way. Her comings and goings within the house see to that.

So my first “restful” day after losing my job was a bust. And I’ve got one person to thank. Ms. Loud.

She could awaken the dead with those lungs and send men hastening back to their graves with her controls.