To quote a rocker dude-lady, dream on!

It’s here!

Been waiting for this day specifically for a month or more!

What makes this day, July 15, special? Why, it’s the new moon!

In Cancer.

New moons are great times to create vision boards. Y’all know what a vision board is, n’est pas? A collage of words and images pasted onto a poster board (typically) that express what you’d like to create or have in your life.

I’m big on vision boards for a number of reasons. They’re living, breathing entitities. I don’t do one with each monthly new moon. (They’re done at new moons is because that’s the time of planting seeds that you desire to see harvested down the road.)

However, I’m ensuring that one is created with this new moon — at 20 degrees Cancer — because it’s so harmonious and compatible with the planetary arrangements in my birth chart. (Heavy in Pisces & Virgo for anyone astro-knowledgeable.)

More than a Cancer new moon that’s got me revved up! Mercury and Mars and the Sun (of course — sun & moon always conjunct in same sign during a new moon) are too in Cancer … for the record, 13, 14 and 23 degrees, respectively.

A veritable stellium that speaks of push push push — Mars is action — and favorable developments can follow.

That Mars is traveling through my first house (the traditional solar house of Aries — again, action / initiate) and in my chart ruled by Cancer lends that ooooompf! I’m needing to make things happen.

What things?

Home & work/employment. Survival. The basics of life!

As it happens, the Chaos on Crack that is Corporate Kroger (parent of Fry’s supermarkets) has floated my way again. Loooong story short (portions are posted prior), I may end up working there after all. As a courtesy clerk. A fancy word for bagger.

Go in tomorrow to meet the two “in charge.” Deservedly put in quotes because no one’s in charge at Krogers anymore than amid the bumbling Three Stooges!

That’s neither here nor there for the purposes of this post. If it happens, it’s a job, nothing more than a job and a means of income and something to do that ISN’T motel cleaning — banish those words from my brain! It’s not a career. No f-in’ way!

Where my focus lies with this vision board is home. Securing a new residence by the vacate date. It’s been hell, this search! A trip designed by the masters of purgatory themselves! So little on the market. Overwhelming demand due to the annual moving season AND return of students at the universities — with an “s.”

I’m trying to buck up and stay bucked up but deep down, I’m in panic, fear, terror. What if I don’t find a place? What then?

{breathe. breathe. breathe}

Due to the extraordinary pressure of housing, I’m doing my vision board a little differently this new moon.

I’m creating two!

One exclusively for housing, the other for other key areas of my life.

Spent an entire afternoon yesterday surveying, downloading and printing images from the Net that capture my divine requests and desires.

Then I shall cut them out, arrange and glue them to my divine satisfaction and pleasure upon the poster boards.

Now’s the time … the window of opportunity with the new moon striking precisely at 6:24 p.m. (Pacific Time) … and also the afternoon stomping above my apartment temporarily ceased with the neighbor back now at work. (She takes the longest lunch hours I’ve ever had the displeasure of experiencing!)

So I’m going to do as I always do in creating a vision board. Light a candle. Burn sage to cleanse the energy / space. Sit myself on the floor and get to work!

It’s a good work — indeed the best work! Because it’s creative and flawy and inspiring. (Long as I don’t let my internal critic / punisher obstruct or take over with messages of everything I haven’t done and achieved and how down deep I’m just the POS that my mother told me I am … see, there I go!!)

Cancel that.

I’m off! Happy New Mooning!

And if you’d like to create a vision board at this opportune time (into a day or two post-new moon), just gather up some old magazines and/or images printed off the Net that speak to your visions … scissors and glue and poster board … even a piece of cardboard will do if you need to McGyver it … and go wild!

Or in the words of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, Dream On!