Supersize Me. With a Cot.

Go Beddy-bye.

And Beddy-hello.

I’m so excited! My new bed — which in fact is a Teton XXL cot — is to arrive today, a week ahead of schedule! Gotta love Amazon!

This bed is my very own and my first in three years! All my “sleep” spaces have been on borrowed time … mattresses in furnished rooms (roommate situations), the infrequent budget motel, campsites and car.

About the size of a twin mattress, my super-sized Teton cot (aptly named) means beddy-bye to my super-skinny cot (aptly described), where being on the edge takes on a literal meaning.

Don’t misunderstand. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with my skinny cot! It’ll go back into its bag for future use. It’s high quality and sturdy cot and deserving of a glowing Amazon review, which I shall tend to in due time.

It’s splendid for sleeping off the ground or as a guest bed and is superior to air mattresses. Which no matter how careful you are will eventually deflate and deposit you on the ground in a pile of vinyl.

However, for sleeping days to weeks to months on end, it’s really too narrow and therefore ultimately sleep-disruptive and -depriving.

As excited as I am about my Teton XXL cot, which got stellar reviews on Amazon (note: I never buy anything substantive without diligent research), I’m even more excited about having MY OWN BED again.

Not only because I’ve slept — “slept” — on oodles of borrowed beds.

Not only because I’ve “slept” on truly nightmarish beds that have caused lost sleep, degradation of well-being and injuries.

Not only because I’ve also slept on a few quality mattresses as well.

I’m excited because this bed is MINE. All mine.

I don’t have to share it with anyone unless I want to.

I don’t have to have someone help me move it. Self-sufficiency and independence are vital — especially in this era of continuous moves and motion.

A bed is like a room of one’s own. It’s private space. Intimate space. Sacred space.

Or it should be until someone comes in and violates it.

= = =

Champagne is called for on this special occasion!

Call it a christening of the cot. A celebration of my arrival in Prescott, Arizona, at last! A closing of an extraordinarily rigorous 8-year downer.

To pilfer from Aerosmith, dream on. No more livin’ on the edge. So go ahead, supersize me. With the Teton XXL cot!