C’est fait!

Finished! Done!

The painting of my entire domestic interior!

Well, not completely. Still a few small projects and touchups to do but nothing on the scale of full-on full-fledged painting requiring stepladder, drop cloth, steady hand with a trim brush and etc.

How rewarding!

And what a relief!

Anyone who’s painted all walls in a home know that the real work’s in the prep and the cleanup.

Also quite a lot of chaos is involved. Furniture out of place. Skirting around paint cans and trays and rollers, oh my!

Enhancing stress is the wait time. The time, that is, waiting for brushes and rollers to dry. Rather than buy a buncha roller covers and brushes for the five — yes, five! — colors, I worked with few supplies repeatedly, to keep costs down.

P.S. Wow does the cost of paint add up fast! And the square-footage coverage stated on the can? It’s generous. You WILL need more than is stated!

Anywho. Fortunately, I live in Arizona where it’s dry and the sun in its last vestiges of an Indian summer, hastening daily drying of supplies. More or less. A few times I resumed painting with a roller or brush, only to discover it was still wet around the edges. Ooops. A wet roller does not good painting make!

Point is, the drying turnaround time extended the process. And stress.

But it’s all behind me now! Furniture is back in its place. The floors are clean. Paint supplies are no longer strewn all over.

Best of all perhaps is the hideous curtain rods are off the walls!

By hideous, I mean … well, see prior post. They were mounted crookedly. Hanging by a thread. And in one case, attached to a wall not by rod brackets but BICYCLE WALL MOUNTS! Really. I’ve got the photos! I’ve got the evidence!

Nary is this the end to the mobile home beautification & repairs. Not by a long shot! All windows in the front room are going to be replaced around month’s end — according to the landlord.

Have heard not a peep so won’t believe it until I see it.

That’ll be a massive project since two walls in particular are virtually all-windows! And since it’s not rare to have our first snowfall around Halloween, well, we’ll see how it goes. Massive gaping holes in inclement weather might be in my future. 🙂

Then there’s still window treatments on now-naked windows to figure out. Just all depends on whether the landlord comes through or disappoints. We’ll see.

For now, the completion of the painting is a shining moment. Future tenants may or may not like the colors but one thing they CANNOT say is: “That tenant did a CRAPPY paint job!”

You can feeeeel the love and the caring in the painting! Every detail tended to with meticulousness. Full coverage on every wall AND ceiling!

Now there’s a challenge! Painting highly-textured ceilings! I’ve got pix. Another time.

There is no sloppiness here. No half-assed job. Even toward the end when I’d hit my wall and just wanted the painting to be over, I maintained my focus. Plowed forward. Did not sacrifice quality and details for fatigue.

And isn’t that the mark of a true crafter?

I am pleased with the results. (P.S. I’m not easily pleased — or impressed!)

This place is rid of its Ghetto Grunge / Grunge Ghetto.

The place looks beautiful. Stunningly so when compared to 1-1/2 months ago when I moved in!

It looks and, importantly, feels so much better. Soooo. Much. Better.

Rare that I give myself a round of applause for anything but this … this huge undertaking in home improvement … deserves one.

I painted the whole place entirely on my own. No help from anyone.

The crafting, including attention to detail, is spot-on. Even the lines of differing paint colors on ceilings and walls and between walls are very well done.

I’m satisfied with the quality of work and gratified. And I know the space is as well. It’s been a long time since it got mindful attention and care.

I’m sorry to say that neglect of homes (esp. rentals) is commonplace. On my watch, neglect ain’t gonna happen!

On the contrary, I’m a home healer. I go in and fix everything that bad tenants or tenants behaving badly brought into and left in a space. I should rent myself out! Because I’m very good at what I do — listening to spaces and helping heal what ails them through no fault of their own!!

(Like I’ve said a million times and will say a million times more: People. They ruin everything.)

Nothing more save this:

Job well done.

{and a well-earned pat on the back}