Incubate: You Farmer in the Dell

Dark is the moon

Today’s new moon in Pisces 26 degrees

The dark of the new moon:

Time to plant seeds

To cultivate your own Farmer in the Dell.

So don your metaphorical denim overalls

Grab the spade, the grungy leather work gloves

the watering can and packet of seeds

Not off the shelves of Home Depot

Rather the seeds of your desires, wishes and dreams

that speak to you right now: this 17th of March 2018

Be the Farmer in the Dell

hand-turning the soil

clearing the weeds

sprinkle a seed, two or three

into the earthy bed

Cover, water and water some more

with thoughts positive and encouraging

“Oh seeds, I can’t wait to see you emerge!”

“You will be beautiful”

“You will be bright”

Sowed now in this darkest of night of the moon

The seeds

You incubate hidden from view

In a short time you shall break the soil


Stretch for the sun

And shine

Seed your dream

In this lunar blackness

She awaits you

Tonight heigh ho the derry-o

You Farmer in the Dell

daily prompt: incubate