Malachite makin’ mojo

Some people got a pocketful of change.

Me, I got a pocketful of gemstones. And a bowlful.

I had last night the best sleep in recent history, matched only by a summer night’s getaway to Flagstaff to see my traveling stepmother. And family dog. 🙂

After a guesstimated 9-10 hours of fitful and consistent sleep, I awakened feeling rested, refreshed. No headache. No migraine. No fatigue, exhaustion or — and this is particularly notable — severe depression.

Was pretty surprised, I admit, when I opened my eyes and turned toward the clock. 11.45 a.m. Very nearly high noon! Late even for this nocturnal creature.

To what do I owe this pleasure of a good night’s sleep?

Well, I could expose a laundry list of possibilities. But I won’t. For today’s purposes, I can’t help but wonder whether that restorative sleep had sumthin’ to do with these two guys. Two little magnificent guys:


That’s malachite on the left joined by fluorite.

I’m a stones girl. That’s stones with an “s” at the end, not a “d” — to be clear. 🙂

I’ve a strong affinity and resonance with stones, herbs too. A resonance, affinity and higher level of communication similar to that which some people have with, say, plants or trees.

Some 24 gemstones of variety gathered through the years occupy their bowl. Plus, separately, I carry 3-4 daily in my pocket. The same ones, I don’t randomly pick ’em from the bowl. They’re my little friends.

I tend to them with care and cleansings in a bowl of sea salt — MUST be sea salt, not idolized — or a glass of sea salted-water sat on a sill for sunlight.

Admittedly, I don’t care for them as I should or as they need; that has everything to do with my own deep painful issues of childhood neglect and negligence. (Some women ought not have children, my mother among them.) But I do the best I can with care of my self and gemstones.

In a mass cleansing around last Thursday’s new moon / partial solar eclipse — in Scorpio at 0 degrees, a significant marker to be sure — each of my some 30 stones was refreshed by salt or water or soil according to their nature. (Not every stone is benefitted by submersion in sea salt, ditto water; some are harmed by one element or the other.)

Last night they received their closing cleansing — a spiritual spritz you could say — as I held them under running tap water. After being left to air dry, they were returned to their bowl, all shining, smiling and refreshed.

Like I wrote, stones and I have resonance. I also happen to be incredibly psychic, a topic I don’t discuss publicly for various reasons. But since we’re on the subject that I brought up (haha), I can simply touch or hold a stone and it’ll speak to me. Or not.

And the two that spoke, that lit up in my touch, were these two above, the malachite and fluorite.

I don’t maintain a mental list of what each stone does, its metaphysical and elemental / energetic healing property. I go by how feel and intuition and then have to look up the stone’s metaphysical properties!

Once again, the stones and I were in sync! — they speaking to me and I listening.

Turns out that malachite — the vibrant green one on the left in the photo — is a powerful protector.

BTW, Healing Crystals for You is a terrific site with more on malachite and many many more crystals:

It protects one from negative energies. It creates a strong barrier that protects from negative entities and attacks from others.

But a blurb from said site:

“Highly Protective Alerts You To Danger

It will protect your auric field from invasion by earthbound energies that may otherwise put you at risk from psychic attack. The energy of this stone is strengthening to the auric field… and it is known to alert you to the approach of danger. Malachite has an excellent vibration within the heart chakra and the other chakras surrounding it.”


As I’ve written, there are people in the apartment building attacking, petty and small-minded and self-serving people who have made me their target and punching bag. I feel the energies directed toward me (though some have never even met me!) and my apartment. I feel their energies around me leaking in beneath the door like so much poisonous smoke.

Also, while my apartment couldn’t be called severely haunted — and having (barely) survived an extremely haunted apartment for three years in Tacoma I REALLY know of what I speak — it’s still an an old apartment in a 56-year-old building with its share of entities and spirits.

Those past spirits as a whole are more “livable” in my space; they don’t produce the pain and hostility of present-time residents.

And by the way that malachite, with its powerful ability to protect from energetic intruders, lit up by my touch, I’m certain it was the divine speaking to me, through the stone. I have been under attack. I continue to be under attack. I am dealing with a past of constant and severe attacks originating in childhood and continuing beyond.

So, with a few other stones, including the fluorite with which its paired in the above photo that I didn’t get to in this post, malachite stayed beside me on my nightstand (aka a Costco box).

And I slept more restfully and peacefully than I have in a. very. long. time.

Coincidence? Or malachite working its mojo?

I’ll leave it for you to decide.