ssssssh, my one secret wish to Santa

Thursday December 22

what can I say

roommate returns day aft tomorrow

hip hip hooray!

Or not.

My Wish List for Santa is purty short.

In fact, I’ve not devised or given one much thought. I’ve a plateful of problems and am in Lockdown Mode of: survive, cope and, of late, restore health as I’ve fallen quite ill.

Center on the plate, shouting reminders like slime-green neon light in Tokyo’s Entertainment District (lord I miss Japan sometimes!), is: The Need to Move.

I need to move. As soon as possible. The sooner the better. By new year’s. If only I can make it happen.

Availability. It comes down to availability.

Not my efforts. Those are substantial, diligent, dedicated, on the money. A grade of A goes to my efforts.

I need that A to float over to Availability, work mojo and open that door!

The details, challenges, issues with the local housing market — no need or desire to expound: but to say Availability is a major issue. Major.

Santa sees it from his workshop high in the North Pole. From his sleigh. He sees it for Santa sees all, ‘specially this time of year. 🙂

So, Santa, I’m no longer that scrawny strong petite 5-year-old tomboy on your lap whispering secret wishes.

Well, maybe I am on the inside. 🙂

And as you know, I rarely ask for things. From people. From life. Gotta work on that, I know. I have issues.

But this time, Santa, I really need your help. Your goodwill. Your Spirit of Generosity. Your Magic to Manifest.

Bring me please Santa a new place to live.

A good place, the right place. The place that meets the needs of the moment and the times. By January.

You know just what those are. ‘Cause you’re Santa!

I’ll be so happy to see

Under my pretend tree

a box prettied up with a tag for me

that I open up with care and glee


a new place to live: where I can Be.

Thank you Santa! Thank you thank you thank you!


a lifelong admirer and believer