Christmas: kind … future: forging.

The paint’s barely dry on Christmas and thoughts are already turning toward New Year’s.

My first Christmas in Prescott, the town I love and increasingly call home in the state I too love and already call home. Arizona.

Three words: joyful. connected. blessed.

A fourth word for good measure: peaceful. The noisy upstairs neighbors are away. The result: the first peace that the apartment and I have known in a month of being here. Can’t describe how WONDERFUL the quietude and their absence are! Part of me wishes they’d never come back, though of course that’s not realistic. I can breathe again. Silence is golden. Truly.

Whatever I did and wherever I was, it was going to be a good Christmas by virtue of being in Prescott. It was made WONDERFUL by good company. Good food. Good conversation. In my new place with a view so wonderful and worth sharing. It’s the first Christmas with another(s) over at my place in a guesstimated 21 years! I’ve come through some intensely dark dark dark times.

This year the tide turned. I witnessed it with my own eyes! A glorious joyful Christmas! Would not change a thing.

As the holiday gives way to New Year’s, I can’t but contemplate desires, wishes and goals for 2015. What’s in my heart for the new year? I don’t make resolutions per se. I do however think it important and worthwhile to reflect on such matters as the door of one year closes and the next opens.

I’m already there. Not in 2015 — obviously not! There in way of awareness of heart’s messages and spiritual compass. We’re still in 2014 so mum’s the word as far as a blog post. ­čÖé

Speaking of mums and nurturing and intuition and other motherly words (if one’s blessed with a good mother, that is), I’ve long enjoyed the tarot card drawings over at longeyesamurai’s blog.

With nurturing a theme in 2015 — that much I will tell! — I’m inspired in part by my longtime blogging buddy (all the way from the┬ádays of Vox yore!) to draw a card for the day from my longtime and currently favorite deck, Magical Mermaids and Dolphins (by Doreen Virtue).

{shuffle shuffle}

The day’s message is:

Break Free

Break Free 

“Try different ventures and experiences as a way to grow and learn.”

Uh-huh. Spot on