All Hail All Hollow’s Eve!

It’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!! It’s heeeeeeeeerrrreee!

My most favorite holiday of the year!

A savory sonnet for the sweets who visit:


Of green ghouls, red goblins and monsters beware

in shadows and in light, they lurk everywhere.

You shall not know them by the sight of your eyes

rather sharp chills tingle-tingling up your spine

So go on, peer under the bed — if you do dare.

Knock knock, open the closet — is someone there?

Of one last ghastly beast be warned, must I say

The coma of 10 too many Milky Ways.


May Bewitching Mojo Be With You.

Happy Halloween from me and Berr Symon.

Berr Symon shares a Halloween cupcake

Berr Symon shares a Halloween cupcake