You rock, you white rock!

‘Tis the full moon.

In Gemini, 22 degrees. Tempting it be, not gonna write much about this full moon astrologically or personally. Only that full moons are when a matter or matters achieve fruition; what the matter is depends on where in your chart the full moon falls and other individual astrological aspects.

“Sorry,” guys, contrary to horoscopes published in newspapers would have you believe, astrology ‘n’ full moons ‘n’ more ain’t a one-size-fits-all deal. Inconvenient but true.

That said, this full moon in Gemini’s got me sitting up taking notice. Because, in my chart, it speaks of subconscious or deeply intimate issues achieving fruition or coming to a head.

Note: The effort, nee need, to move. Not written of it so not expecting anyone to follow along :-).

Suffice it to say it’s time to move on from this current roommate situation into albeit another roommate situation (ugh) with better harmony than this.

What can I say? Some situations just aren’t meant to last. They’re fine for a month or two in a terrible pinch. Beyond, let it go and move on. Literally.

Yes it’s the full moon, the time of fruition. Of issues coming to a head. Recent changes in the domestic air are damn clear. Time for me to move on, even if my roommate can’t entirely articulate it.

He wants me out. I want out. What more is there to say … except full moon. Completion. Been seeking a room share diligently, religiously for the past month. The challenge has got everything to do with availability nuthin’ with intent to move. Arrrrghhhh! The price of my town being discovered and all that that brings, i.e, doubled rents, etc. etc.

On the Full-Moon Fruition Front

There’s more.

Loooong story short, I finally today completed a letter to my former boss about incidences involving other employees of which he knows nothing. Denial and head-in-the-sand are effective means of “knowing nothing!”

It’s a deeply important letter that I wrote and one that had to be written for several reasons. It’s in the mail as we speak. Probably in the hands of my former boss in a day or two, max.

Fruition Part II

There’s still more.

Not only am I actively looking to move around year’s end, I’m also putting looking to put a period on a former housing matter that requires legal action. As in I taking the former landlord to court over a deposit illegally withheld.

Tomorrow paperwork gets filed with the court in an open-and-shut case.

Again full moons are all about fruition. Past matters coming to a head.

About issues coming into realization or culmination,= “for better or worse.”

In my case, the two most intimate and ever challenging areas — home and former work — are achieving their culmination simultaneously.

Gets no more full moon-y than that!

A thing or more coming to a head. Realize it. Become of aware of it. Then let it go. It no longer serves you.

{hand raised, doing both work & home!}

Didn’t really have much more to say than that.

Bye to my current shelter — albeit not before a better one’s found any time now by Dec. 3!

Bye to, frankly, the mountain of shit at my former job that I loved before two colleagues rendered it unloveable!

Bye goes the home.

Bye goes the former dream job.

Full moon in Gemini 22 degrees.

In my chart it’s about challenges and discipline and focus to grow and move to a better place. The coal becoming the diamond process.

I’ll take that challenge! Have taken it.

Looking ahead … new moon in two weeks …8 degrees Capricorn. Super-favorable in my natal chart!

Here’s what I wanna say / predict astrologically: Change of residence is coming very soon into the new year!

Somebody’s gonna help me out. Not an acquaintance. An individual / stranger inclined to lend a helping hand.

Also, I feel, the court will take my case regarding wrongdoing by the former landlord and we’ll proceed accordingly. This’ll please me greatly; justice ultimately will be served. Even if in just a tiny pocket of the universe, that it happens is reason to rejoice.

And my former boss who’ll soon receive a letter that’ll raise his head out of the sand … doesn’t matter what happens with those former coworkers. Most important is that I spoke / wrote the truth long secreted and am letting it go.

Full moon tonight, new moon in two weeks and on it goes.

What can I say but you rock, white inhabitable rock floating alongside earth!