What’s that slipping across Phoenix skies?

A fantastical sighting in the sky was seen in Phoenix, Arizona today.

A UFO? Better.

Winged unicorns? Close.

That fantastical thing from the sky was this:


First rain of summer 2020 in my Phoenix hood. July 24. Late by a month-plus, revered nonetheless.

Rain! Actual rain as reflected on the tennis court in my apartment complex.

‘Tis the first rain in my hood since the official start of Arizona’s monsoon season June 15.

Official schmofficial. Mother Nature pays no heed to such things — delivering storms only when — rather IF — she decides!

Arizona’s lagging nearly 1-1/2 months behind schedule in its “normal” monsoon season that ends in September officially-schmofficially.

In a typical July, more than 1/2-inch (1.27 cm) would’ve fallen on Phoenix.  Today’s first shower reached 0.10 inch (0.25 cm).

Today also marks the season’s first measurable rain — 0.01 inch (0.025 cm) to qualify — ending a dry spell of some 3-1/2 months.

I live in a Dry Zone (what a gyp!) so the evening showers were short-lived and light. (Meanwhile, heavy downpours graced other parts of Phoenix .)

I marveled in them no less for their brevity.

Which segues to a trifecta of sightings — which like winged unicorns I wouldn’t believe had I not seen with my own eyes!

(They’ll seem insignificant to anyone outside southern Arizona but trust me, they’re blog-worthy!)


82 degrees at 8:30 p.m. — brrrr, baby!

Number 1 in the trifecta: My patio thermometer at 8:30 at night: 82 degrees! Whoooohooo! A cool 15-degree drop from the usual! Thank you thunderstorm!


Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in bone-dry Arizona anymore.

Number 2. Whoooaaa! Surely my eyes deceived me! 65% humidity?!?Can you say Christmas in July! Usual is 7-15%. Humidity be mind-blowing and oh so comfortable!

And third in the trifecta of sweet sights:


When thunderstorms arrive, doors open and fresh air’s invited in

My patio door: open!


That’s news, here’s why.

Phoenix summer is airplane cabin season.

For about 5 months, we live, work and play (before scamdemic shutdown) in sealed air-conditioned spaces … breathing recycled air. Blinds, sunshades, blackout curtains are usually drawn to keep in da cool and keep out da blaze.

Unless a monsoon passes, thus dropping temps, upping humidity, delivering winds and moist manna to a drought-stricken land and all its living creatures for holy respite from brutal dry still heat.

Glorious dynamic thunderstorms! Game on!

Switch off the air-con! Pull up the blinds! Throw open windows and doors! Wash out the stale air! Let in fresh cleansing oxygen! So refreshing! Uplifting. Soothing.

So moved was I by tonight’s affairs that I snapped a pic.

The storm’s already moved on, tomorrow things return to norma.

Yet today’s first thunderstorm delivered unto us rejoicing and things rare and fantastical. Better than even unicorn sightings.