My vision board hits a blind spot

Vision boards.

Everyone knows what they are, no?

In simplest terms, it’s a poster board with images and words commonly cut out from magazines — but printed online works too — that inspire and tangibly express our desires, aspirations or goals.

Vision boards are ideally created at a new moon, a time of planting seeds. They should be displayed where you see them.

You needn’t sit in zazen staring at it daily! You want simply to keep the words and images in your consciousness and awareness so a spot you pass often in your abode suffices. Mine’s on a wall across from my laptop lounge chair.

I make it sound far fancier than it really is! It’s a blue vinyl patio chair bought for a buck at a yard sale. Apart from my bed, it’s my only piece of furniture and hence I feel quite “elegant” in it. You’d understand if you could see the rest of my furniture: boxes from Costco!

But I digress.

New moons are the ideal time to create a vision board. Posting it where you can see it daily is important. And taking it down to make room for a new board — too important.

Vision boards, like our dreams and goals, need to be refreshed. Stagnation, getting stuck in a rut and comforts of familiar patterns and outdated patterns of behaviors and thinking do not serve you.

Likewise, a vision board that no longer resonates has a similar effect. Could be a matter of having achieved your desires or intentions. Or a matter of no longer truly desiring or needing the contents or themes of a hanging vision board.

New moons are perfect opportunities to examine where you’re at and plant those seeds. New moons are, likewise, ideal for articulating those true desires, intents and needs with resonating words and images.


We just had a new moon in 0 degrees Scorpio on Thursday, Oct. 23. Also a partial solar eclipse. Because of the Scorpio element, it’s a perfect eclipse-empowered moon to plumb our inner selves and from those Scorpionic depths give voice, visual form or both to our needs and desires at this time.

I was all rarin’ to go. I had my vision. The images. The words.

Then plop.

My printer died.

Downloaded images for which I’d spent oodles of time scouring the Net, “hangin’ around” on my desktop awaiting their print jobs.

I’m in this uncomfortable position of needing to choose whether to pay way too much for a new printhead via Amazon that’s likely but not certain to fix the problem or simply buy a new printer and incur all the additional costs of new cartridges, etc.

I don’t need help weighing the pros and cons of each option.

I do need a working printer again.

I was really bummed when my various lifesaving attempts for my Canon Pixma 4200 turned to dust. It’s a terrific printer and has been for these some nine years.

So I’ve got that on my plate.

And no vision board.

Vision boards, like I mentioned, are best done in a new moon (two days ago in this case). There’s a narrow window of time — 2-3 days after the new moon — where you can still hook onto and ride her coattails. Much past that and you may as well wait out the lunar cycle until the next new moon to plant those seeds and create that board.

I need to create a board. I know I need to create a board. And I know that I know.

I know that I need to create a board on this particular new moon. In Scorpio. At 0 degrees. In my 5th house of — da-da-dum — creativity!

I also know what the theme is, what needs to go on the board in terms of words and images. I also know that the clock’s a-tickin’.

And I know that the vision board that’s on my wall needs to be moved from its central location or or come down altogether. The themes aren’t irrelevant. Matter of fact, they’re still as pertinent now as they were when I created the board, what, two months ago.

Yet things have shifted and are shifted and I do myself no favors by “looking at an old board” or refusing to let new energies and themes present themselves and unfold before my very eyes. So to speak.

Damn! That printhead picked a bad time to die! Speaking of Scorpio new moons. 🙂 Scorpio = the sign of death and rebirth. How that applies to a printer — IF it applies — I’ve not entirely figured out. 😉

Regardless, one thing’s for certain. My vision board’s been blindsided by the printer’s breakdown.

All things must pass, said George Harrison. Coincidentally, like me, also a Pisces. Even more coincidentally, with a Scorpio moon! At 0 degrees! Spot on this Scorpio new moon! Freeeeeaaaaaky!