Taking the Bullhorn to Businesses

Bad press is better than no press, they say.

While I can see the truth in some situations, i.e., Hollywood, the movers and shakers, in general I wouldn’t agree with the adage.

Take fabfitfun.com. I’m not singling them out on. They’re the first to spring to mind after yesterday’s post, giving them their deserved dings.

We are a society of information overload. The amount of CRAP on the Internet, in social media, and available at our fingertips at a moment’s notice — 10 moments if you’re working on a dinosaur laptop that creaks and creeps along like I am — is monumental, no doubt.

On the flip plus side, information that’s credible, valuable, helpful and worth reading is easily and widely disseminated.

And this is my approach with my writings/blog. “I’m not Ralph Nader’s daughter but I coulda been,” I often quip. My passion for consumer advocacy and holding companies to standards is palpable.

I could make a semi-career out of spreading the word on companies that measure up and those that don’t. My instincts are strong and my head smart and my words powerful, loud and on point. I don’t skirt around company failures OR successes.

Neither am I bound by political correctness in ANY way, shape or form! In fact, political correctness is such mountainous manure long shoveled by the libs and swallowed up by the public that I could write voluminous posts on that alone.

I won’t. Not today. Today’s about companies that suck and companies that succeed. And as a passionate consumer advocate type, I love spreading the word on them to those who are interested, who care and who actually hold companies to a standard and measure of quality anymore.

Most people don’t. It frustrates the hell outta me. By holding no company accountable, sloppy players are left off the hook. They’re allowed to slide by with substandard service or product and rotten customer care. Which, btw, is precisely my experience and foundation of public¬† complaint with fabfitfun.com.

On another day, I’ll write about the importance of consumers getting involved and stepping up to the plate when there is an issue — be it a positive or negative — with a company. Because it’s a two-way street, a relationship between consumer and company. Each has a role. Each has a responsibility. Companies that drop the ball are as guilty of business malpractices as consumers who drop the ball in not holding companies accountable or to any standard.

That’s my “spiel” today. In short, blogging is my bullhorn to let the world know who rocks and who sucks among businesses, whatever be their service or product.¬† Those who deserve kudos will receive them; those that have earned a thumb’s down will get those. I’m a fair person, objective and entirely unattached to outcome. I report the news and I move on.

In closing, were I fabfitfun.com, I’d be embarrassed and ashamed to be so damn unresponsive to ANYONE who’s attempted to communicate, repeatedly, to no effect; moreover, I’d be ponying up effusive (and overdue) apologies to all those who took the time to complete a lengthy editing test who received not even a token acknowledgment.

That’s rude, discourteous, unprofessional. It’s just bad business.

For any who read this far, thanks and see y’all around the corner …

Signed, she who coulda been Ralph Nader’s daughter but isn’t