I sure stepped in it! (a cool story)

I don’t believe that ghosts exist.

I know they do.

And oh have I got stories galore!

But the cold spot in my studio isn’t ghostly.

Identifying its source would sooner require a surveyor than a spiritualist.

It’s turning hot (and hotter and hotter …) in Phoenix, Arizona. Residents in my apartment complex are already using their air conditioners (since April actually).

The loud annoying groans of machinery tell me so. 🙂

My flooring’s that plank vinyl that’s become so popular.

(Edit. note: So. Much. Better than carpet! Nicer to look at, way easier to keep clean and maintain and more hygienic than carpet with the crap that builds up, especially in motels, apartment complexes with revolving tenants, etc.)

I’m always barefoot. Wearing shoes in the house always felt sacrilegious to me — long before I lived in Japan. And dirtying, which my clean-freak nature does not enjoy.

About 10 days ago, I was passing by the bathroom vanity and was stopped dead — no pun intended.

“What’s THIS?!” asked my soles — again, no pun intended.

A giant cold spot is what!

I stepped about, measuring this new treasure — that definitely wasn’t there before.

Based on its location and size, it’s connected to the air conditioner in apartment 222 below.

The mat points to roughly the heart of the chill, by the vanity and closet door:


Its spread and temp somewhat fluctuate, giving rise — again, no pun intended, ghosts … rising — to the deduction that these are defined by air-con use.

Incidentally, sole-ful investigations throughout the studio reveal no other chill spots, making this phenomenon doubly auspicious.

So pleasant is my mini-fridge for feet on the floor that I relocated the mat.

Seems like a weird thing to get excited about … a cold spot on a floor!

And perhaps anywhere else, it wouldn’t have made the blog!

But in the Valley of the Sun — aka Phoenix — cool is revered like you wouldn’t believe!

I’m quite certain that that spot is related to mechanics, not spirits who have passed over.

However, if it persists into winter, I’ll be forced to re-evaluate … and consider the possibility that I’ve got a spirited roommate … one who isn’t paying his/her share of the rent.

So if you’re from “Ghost Hunters,” the TV show, hold off. Any phone calls would be premature.