My Tour de Force keeps rollin’

My dream of a white — I mean blue — Christmas may come true!

A lil’ early but I’ll take it.

I’ve been tailing, figuratively, a car in this subdivision for weeks. The issue is twofold.

(1) The illegality of a car abandoned and/or unmoved for days to weeks at a time, per local code:

“Any vehicle left unattended on a street/highway for 48 hours may be removed by any police officer/employee.”

(2) The incredible strain that the owner, by leaving his car perpetually unmoved, is putting on residents already struggling under the weight of a severe parking shortage.

Like I’ve said, welcome to the Big (Rotten) Apple of Arizona … La Aldea subdivision in metro Phoenix, where parking’s as scarce as New York City’s.

By tailing this vehicle that the owner’s storing on the streets as if they’re his personal garage, I mean persistently and diligently reporting it to the police.

They come tag the car — big shoutout to the police, THANK YOU! — with an orange 48-hour warning stickie on the window.

The car owner eventually spots this, moves his car then leaves it to sit again indefinitely. Or until he’s warned again and under the threat of towing.

The car’s actually never driven or used.

Like a chess piece, it just gets moved — by inches or by yards — enough to satisfy the legal requirement that it be moved and thereby evading towing

The car was last tagged Saturday when I called it in.

Some 24 hours later, it still sat, warning tag still on the window.

YES!!! We’re halfway home!

Another 24 hours and the car could be legally towed, an invaluable space opened for the community and this longstanding problem maybe resolved.

Then the very next moment, the car … wait for it … got moved.

Obviously its owner spotted the warning — his 4th or 5th in two weeks — and moved his car …


But where?!

This is progress because thus far,  he’s moved it, well, as little as possible.

My roommate, who’s less invested in doing the right and legal thing than I but is supportive witness, noticing the car was moved after this last warning actually cruised these streets twice to locate it.

Didn’t find it, he said.

How curious.

I’m gonna be conducting my own Tour de France here shortly.

Make that Tour de Force.

My one goal, my one purposeful and impassioned ambition by year’s end is to get this resolved, legally and justly.

The car needs to go.

The owner needs to assume responsibility and face the results of his ongoing (shitty and illegal) actions.

The situation on all levels needs to be rectified and righted, like a listing ship at sea.

How that happens is not my call. That is to the divine.

I’m only the driving force. Driving. No pun intended.

I need to just keep doing the right and fair and legal thing. Each veery step of the journey and no matter its length or duration.

I have stayed the course, despite massive obstacles and roadblocks — again, no pun intended — heaved my way, many of which were from the HOA itself.

A loathsome bunch but that’s another subject.

Part of me’s elated. This may finally be resolved.

Part of me’s cautiously optimistic.

Just because the car’s not illegally hogging space at the moment doesn’t mean it won’t reappear.

So a pending celebration. Ice the champagne but don’t unleash those bubbles just yet.

I’m off to scour these subdivision streets for that Subaru Tribeca (with New Mexico plates). See whether the results are identical to my roommate’s.

My Tour de Force keeps on rollin’ … yet with Spirit as my witness, the finish line may may be in sight! {yahoo!}