Arizona goes dark for a day

So I’m writing this post yesterday — about this same time too, noonish — and the Internet signal dies.

What the?! Have had unpleasant issues with Cable One lately. Are they up to no good again?

So I do the whole resetting the router & modem routine. Doesn’t work.

So I get on the phone to Cable One. Wait on hold. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. And wait some more. Then “mid wait” they fucking drop the call!

Long story short, it wasn’t Cable One’s fault. This time.

All of northern Arizona, stretching from northern Phoenix to Flagstaff, lost its Internet and telephone services (including landlines). Only Verizon phone services were unaffected.

A vandal had gone in and cut a Century Link fiber cable. A cable that supplies juices to oodles of other services. Everything from police and emergency services communications to banking and ATMs to digitized store transitions to credit-card usage and so much more were down all day.

Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to imagine the effects of dead Internet and phone services. Neither does it take that same scientist to imagine the consequences of said power outage.

Anyhow, it’s back on now. Police say they have no suspect or motive.

Well, I’ve got a few of my own! And the first person(s) I’d be looking for is (1) someone(s) with the means and tools to thoroughly slice a cable and the knowledge of WHICH one and (2) someone(s) with a grudge or hatred of Century Link (a massive Internet Service Provider).

Well, that’s a list infinitely long! Century Link is the pits. No doubt about it. So a former employee. Or a current one.

I could pen any number of scenarios. An inside job involving one or two men working together. An inside job involving a former employee paying off a current employee sharing a hate of Century Link to cut the cord.

I mean, to any true writer with a genuine understanding of people and humanity (the two are NOT mutually inclusive!), the tales of possibilities are boundless!

Anyways, I and a million others got cut off in midstream surfing yesterday; for me, that meant a blog post that didn’t get completed. Sometimes posts can be continued, “resurrected” if you will; other times no. It’s all about the flow and where the focus is.

As a final thought, although I’ve got my own ideas and hunches and speculations about where the police and Century Link should be looking to finger the culprit(s) (and I do believe more than one person is involved), I predict we’ll see scant to no follow-up publicly.

One act of vandalism. A communications outage that crossed a good half of the state, if not more.

Goes to illustrate that there’s an upside to cutting cords — i.e., family, past relationships, abusive relationships, personal habits and patterns that are no longer useful or helpful.

And there’s a downside. I hope they catch the guy(s) who did it. (And yes, I’d put $$ down that they’re males.) They’re probably laughing all the way to the proverbial bank over their heinous “prank.”

But millions of people, from banks to businesses to hospitals to emergency personnel and the people truly in need of their assistance to regular folks like you and me are not laughing.

I understand people — though god knows that’s a curse; ignorance IS bliss! Verrrrry little if anything surprises me.

That being said, I don’t get the “humor” or the mischief in slicing through a fiber cable and bringing communications to an abrupt halt across an entire state.

But I guess one man’s mischief is another man’s maliciousness.