A text keeps the wheels rollin’

Whewww! Small disaster averted! Technology saves the day!

Rare that I say that. The proliferation of cell phones and mannerless misuse is a pet peeve.

This morning, however, I awoke to a text.

Cost me 25 cents, like every text save from Verizon, of my bare-bones cheapest-they’ve-got plan.

It’s 25 cents well spent.

“Your Penske rental truck will be ready at 9 a.m. on August 30.”


Sunday’s the 30th! I’m moving tomorrow. Saturday. The 29th!

My original reservation was for Sunday. Then I spoke with Penske about changing it to Saturday. No problem, he’d said.

Did I not make it official?! Was there a miscommunication?! Merely a gentleman’s agreement? Will never know!

Know only that I’ve got 2-3 helpers arriving tomorrow at 11 a.m. People who’ve generously offered their time and muscles for a light, small, local move. I’ll pay them of course with $–  and pizza. 🙂

So Tim at the local Penske’s on it as we speak. Trying to arrange, hopefully, the right-sized truck for tomorrow rather than Sunday.

Had that text not appeared on my cell phone, I’d be up a creek 24 hours from now. Standing the Penske counter inside Home Depot, perplexed, steamed or stressed about possibly the lack of a truck. With 2-3 helpers on their way! On the one day they can all help!

Disaster Averted!

A series of phone calls. The 12-footer isn’t in stock for tomorrow at the Penske nearby.

But a 16-footer’s available.

Overkill for sure! My minimal furniture — most of my stuff is boxes — will look piddly in that Monster Truck!

They are, however, wheels that’ll get my things from Point A to B tomorrow. For that, I’m grateful in light of this 11th-hour snafu.

Plus the moving buddies can come as scheduled. Whew.

Thank you courtesy text from Penske!! Without it, who’s to say whether the move mañana woulda-coulda happened!

It kept the wheels of this move rollin’.

{ginormous exhale}