You say potayto, I say … radishes?!

Let’s play! — that game old as the hills — no wordplay intended, well, perhaps a little.

That game where you look at formations in rocks or clouds and say what you see.

Fascinating sport. Especially with clouds, where one person’ll see, say, an elephant raising its trunk, point enthusiastically, “see, right there, to the left of that little dip, that’s the top of his ear!” … while the next’ll see the face of an old lady weeping. “Right there, that dark indentation in the puff, that’s the tip of her nose!”

But especially with rocks, it happens that the collective agrees. Think of all the silhouettes of mountains and hills that bear names because of what they resemble — to the minds of most. And even if it’s not the first thing that springs to yours, you look again, stretch, you can sorta see it.

Let’s play. Look at this rock formation on a hike. Decide first thing you see before you read on.┬áThat’s critical. Share in comments. If you’d like to name it, certainly do that too!

I predict a consensus for this particular formation — because to me it was so glaringly obvious!

So y’all are guinea pigs in a poll. But I also wanna hear if you see something other than I predict.

Okay, the pic. One two three. GO!


I saw immediately …



… a dog with floppy ears. He’s looking to the left. Shadowy tip of nose.

His name? Rockhound! Of course.

Now you. And thanks for playing.