V is for Virgo — and vision boards

… because it is a new moon in Virgo … 28 degrees … technically at 1.30 am. Eastern time yesterday (Sept. 20) but new moon energies continue for about three days

… because new moons are a time to plant seeds, make wishes, envision desires and goals for the coming month {and thereabouts}

… because Virgo loves details! … order … organizing … making lists, if not actually then mentally

… because Virgo is a sign of healing and service and is an expert at cutting through the dross to reach the kernel of one’s truth and identify need

… because Virgo is uber-critical — to a fault — analytical — which can be perceived as cold, unemotional, overly rational – just-the-facts-ma’am

… because as far as new moons go, there’s possibly no better energy for defining personal desires, goals, needs … for essentially crafting a plan, inner road map …

or a vision board!

Everyone knows what a vision board is, no?

  • Get paper. Poster-size works well. Foam cores or poster papers with thickness are recommended since you’ll be gluing images and words.
  • Get materials. Magazines, printed matter. Thrift stores, libraries, freebies about town, hospitals, offices, stacks from friends/family, recycling bins. It’s amazing where you can source those throwaways! My YMCA, for example, gets a big variety of mags donated by members. Cool!
  • Get images off the Net. Before I begin vision boards, I often have themes in mind but lack the printed matter. For example, if I’m feelin’ waterfalls, I can’t count on local materials to provide options. The Net’s a GREAT source for what you can’t get your hands on.
  • Get scissors and glue. Experience teaches that sticky glue sticks provide less adhesion and workability than liquid glue with the precision tip. Glue sticks designed for mounting photos work great if you’re using photos you printed on photo paper off the Net.
  • Reflect. Envision. Dream!

Pore through your sources of images and words and cut out those that speak to you … that jiggle your heart … ignite a passion … or REMIND you of one long buried.

Only one stipulation with vision boards:

They speak to YOU — and FOR you.

The stuff that your parents or society or conventions tell you that you should be or should want or should have … that has no place on a vision board! Toss that stuff out with the scraps of paper from your cut-up magazines!

  • Play!

Take those images, pictures, words, letters that you cut out and play! Place them on your poster wherever feels right for you!

Some folks like tons of images and words overlapping.

Me, I like pictures and words set into their own spaces, singularly and independently. To each his own! Googling “vision boards” will produce a vast array of amazing examples and portrayals! And they’re so much fun to look at! The imagination knows no limits!

  • Creating a vision board is organic. Lively and prayerful. Sacred creativity. I often set the scene with candles, incense, music.

Vision boards can be done alone or in groups. Solo is my preference but there’s a lot to be said for a vision-boarding party! Women (I’ve yet to meet a male who does vision boards … not that they don’t exist!) bringing bunches of old magazines and supplies all gathered gettin’ all creative and havin’ fun.

Then when everyone’s done, everyone gathering in a circle and each woman taking her turn, holding up her board and sharing. It’s really special. Magical. Illuminating. Powerful.

  • Signing your board. Though not necessarily a common or oft-recommended practice,  it’s so important I feel. On the back I write a short prayer, a sacred message, and/or a symbol (i.e., the wiccan star) and the date.
  • Place the board where you can see it every day. This is key!

A vision board is a photograph of your consciousness. It is a living breathing creation. It is not to be shoved into a closet, folded and s;id under the bed!

Respect it. Gaze upon it. Glance at it as you pass through a room. Admire your work. Feed and nourish it with your attention. It’s like a plant. It needs you to water it! So take those moments every day to connect your heart and mind to your vision board!

  • Disposal. Now, I’ve done quite a lot of vision boards over time. I leave them up as long as they still resonate. When they no longer do, or it just feels time for a new one, I honor their passing.

Don’t simply toss it into the trash! You can burn it. Or soak it in water (a sink or tub) to unglue the images/words from their surface, then (and only then) everything can be tossed or recycled.

  • Begin anew upon another new moon.

One more thing on a personal note. My current living situation doesn’t lend itself to attaching things to walls … plus I’m rarely there.

My solution: I create mobile vision boards … in a spiral-bound sketch book! I have it open lying on the passenger seat in my car, where I spend a LOT of hours, particularly as a pizza-delivery driver! So my aspirations, goals, dreams travel with me — literally!

So that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it! You can too! All it takes is inspiring images … words … scissors and glue! And you! Creating … playing … envisioning … planting seeds on a new moon for harvesting … in their time — and yours!






To quote a rocker dude-lady, dream on!

It’s here!

Been waiting for this day specifically for a month or more!

What makes this day, July 15, special? Why, it’s the new moon!

In Cancer.

New moons are great times to create vision boards. Y’all know what a vision board is, n’est pas? A collage of words and images pasted onto a poster board (typically) that express what you’d like to create or have in your life.

I’m big on vision boards for a number of reasons. They’re living, breathing entitities. I don’t do one with each monthly new moon. (They’re done at new moons is because that’s the time of planting seeds that you desire to see harvested down the road.)

However, I’m ensuring that one is created with this new moon — at 20 degrees Cancer — because it’s so harmonious and compatible with the planetary arrangements in my birth chart. (Heavy in Pisces & Virgo for anyone astro-knowledgeable.)

More than a Cancer new moon that’s got me revved up! Mercury and Mars and the Sun (of course — sun & moon always conjunct in same sign during a new moon) are too in Cancer … for the record, 13, 14 and 23 degrees, respectively.

A veritable stellium that speaks of push push push — Mars is action — and favorable developments can follow.

That Mars is traveling through my first house (the traditional solar house of Aries — again, action / initiate) and in my chart ruled by Cancer lends that ooooompf! I’m needing to make things happen.

What things?

Home & work/employment. Survival. The basics of life!

As it happens, the Chaos on Crack that is Corporate Kroger (parent of Fry’s supermarkets) has floated my way again. Loooong story short (portions are posted prior), I may end up working there after all. As a courtesy clerk. A fancy word for bagger.

Go in tomorrow to meet the two “in charge.” Deservedly put in quotes because no one’s in charge at Krogers anymore than amid the bumbling Three Stooges!

That’s neither here nor there for the purposes of this post. If it happens, it’s a job, nothing more than a job and a means of income and something to do that ISN’T motel cleaning — banish those words from my brain! It’s not a career. No f-in’ way!

Where my focus lies with this vision board is home. Securing a new residence by the vacate date. It’s been hell, this search! A trip designed by the masters of purgatory themselves! So little on the market. Overwhelming demand due to the annual moving season AND return of students at the universities — with an “s.”

I’m trying to buck up and stay bucked up but deep down, I’m in panic, fear, terror. What if I don’t find a place? What then?

{breathe. breathe. breathe}

Due to the extraordinary pressure of housing, I’m doing my vision board a little differently this new moon.

I’m creating two!

One exclusively for housing, the other for other key areas of my life.

Spent an entire afternoon yesterday surveying, downloading and printing images from the Net that capture my divine requests and desires.

Then I shall cut them out, arrange and glue them to my divine satisfaction and pleasure upon the poster boards.

Now’s the time … the window of opportunity with the new moon striking precisely at 6:24 p.m. (Pacific Time) … and also the afternoon stomping above my apartment temporarily ceased with the neighbor back now at work. (She takes the longest lunch hours I’ve ever had the displeasure of experiencing!)

So I’m going to do as I always do in creating a vision board. Light a candle. Burn sage to cleanse the energy / space. Sit myself on the floor and get to work!

It’s a good work — indeed the best work! Because it’s creative and flawy and inspiring. (Long as I don’t let my internal critic / punisher obstruct or take over with messages of everything I haven’t done and achieved and how down deep I’m just the POS that my mother told me I am … see, there I go!!)

Cancel that.

I’m off! Happy New Mooning!

And if you’d like to create a vision board at this opportune time (into a day or two post-new moon), just gather up some old magazines and/or images printed off the Net that speak to your visions … scissors and glue and poster board … even a piece of cardboard will do if you need to McGyver it … and go wild!

Or in the words of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, Dream On!

A vision board out of lunar left field

Tonight I did something I’ve never done through many years of creating vision boards.

I sat down with a good half dozen magazines and purposefully created one in the “off cycle.”

You might call it a vision board out of the lunar cycle’s left field. You see, vision boards, as mentioned in a post prior, are best made at a new moon — the ideal time for planting seeds … planting visions.

Meanwhile, the full moon  — such as the one in Taurus two days ago  — is a time of harvesting, culmination and releasing that which has come to fruition, no longer serves or has outworn its usefulness and purpose.

What inspired me to go 180-degrees “off cycle” and create a vision board? A fair question.

Pain — only in part. The pain of being pushed out of my residence by the landlord and a few other tenants who are chronic complainers, have been intolerant and hypercritical and judgmental of me without having ever met me. In unison these parties have pushed me out.

As one who deeply and passionately values fairness — and reason — I cannot say that the collective actions haven’t hurt me. They have. Being forced out of my home by “the lesser lighted” was not on my to-do list this time around.

But: It is what is is and I will be leaving by Dec. 31 if not considerably sooner as the next right residence reveals itself. (Not for nuthin’ but I also do not want to stay at a location where I’m not wanted or unjustly perceived.)

And if you know groups, you know that they will bond together against a perceived non-conformist and cast him out. Human nature it is and sad.

Where I was going with this is … yes, pain in being unreasonably kicked out of my abode is in part inspired my “off cycle” vision board.

Yet it’s got comparatively lots more to do with positivity. I’m looking for a new place to live. Creating a vision board with words and images of qualities sought and desired in my next residence is an exercise in grounding and focus.

Unlike my vision boards made at the new moon that express 3-6 central themes, this “off cycle” creation has one theme and one theme alone: relocation and that which is desired in the next residence.

I chose mindfully, as I always do, the words — a collage of “mismatched” letters of all shapes, sizes and colors brought together and bonded by glue to form the words that matter the most to me, that speak to me and I to them in this godly and fated by Divine Design this marriage that are Words and I.

There are some images, significant images. Visuals and images speak very very powerfully to me. They’re my second language, close on the wings of my first, which is words. Images and words combined make a powerful vision board, even in the “off cycle.”

Too, this is a “mini” vision board — and not only because it is focused on strictly the goals and desires for my next abode.  Size matters — well, sometimes. This vision board is half the size of my standard-size poster paper used for new-moon boards.

As such, rather than cutting the poster paper in half, I merely folded it. With images and words glued onto only the lower half, when folded and propped up, it looks like a giiiiiiant greeting card in my (soon-to-be former) apartment! Only Hallmark doesn’t make cards quite like this. 🙂

It’s easily moved from room to room, unlike full vision boards hung on a wall — so that I may drink of its inspirational and encouraging messages wherever I may be sitting or lying!

Imagine if Hallmark did produce a card this size! At current costs per square inch for a standard-size greeting card, my mini-vision board might go for 20 bucks!

I love how my mini-board turned out! It makes me smile. Makes me feel positive … hopeful … charged and optimistic as I venture forth into recreating a better living environment.

I’m excited to see how this visioning off the lunar cycle goes. Call it an experiment of such.

Too, I’m excited to see what’s floated my way in abode potentials and opportunities — particularly because as with my every vision board, its contents are precise and specific. (Because I’m such the precisionist, “generalities” is an infrequent word in my vocabulary — and certainly absent in my crafted boards! 🙂 )

What does Matilda see for me in the crystal ball regarding my upcoming move?!


Matilda’s not saying. Or if she is, she’s saying it in Russian or Polish and I speak neither! Only time will tell. Very hopefully my mini “off cycle” first-of-its-kind vision board too.

My vision board hits a blind spot

Vision boards.

Everyone knows what they are, no?

In simplest terms, it’s a poster board with images and words commonly cut out from magazines — but printed online works too — that inspire and tangibly express our desires, aspirations or goals.

Vision boards are ideally created at a new moon, a time of planting seeds. They should be displayed where you see them.

You needn’t sit in zazen staring at it daily! You want simply to keep the words and images in your consciousness and awareness so a spot you pass often in your abode suffices. Mine’s on a wall across from my laptop lounge chair.

I make it sound far fancier than it really is! It’s a blue vinyl patio chair bought for a buck at a yard sale. Apart from my bed, it’s my only piece of furniture and hence I feel quite “elegant” in it. You’d understand if you could see the rest of my furniture: boxes from Costco!

But I digress.

New moons are the ideal time to create a vision board. Posting it where you can see it daily is important. And taking it down to make room for a new board — too important.

Vision boards, like our dreams and goals, need to be refreshed. Stagnation, getting stuck in a rut and comforts of familiar patterns and outdated patterns of behaviors and thinking do not serve you.

Likewise, a vision board that no longer resonates has a similar effect. Could be a matter of having achieved your desires or intentions. Or a matter of no longer truly desiring or needing the contents or themes of a hanging vision board.

New moons are perfect opportunities to examine where you’re at and plant those seeds. New moons are, likewise, ideal for articulating those true desires, intents and needs with resonating words and images.


We just had a new moon in 0 degrees Scorpio on Thursday, Oct. 23. Also a partial solar eclipse. Because of the Scorpio element, it’s a perfect eclipse-empowered moon to plumb our inner selves and from those Scorpionic depths give voice, visual form or both to our needs and desires at this time.

I was all rarin’ to go. I had my vision. The images. The words.

Then plop.

My printer died.

Downloaded images for which I’d spent oodles of time scouring the Net, “hangin’ around” on my desktop awaiting their print jobs.

I’m in this uncomfortable position of needing to choose whether to pay way too much for a new printhead via Amazon that’s likely but not certain to fix the problem or simply buy a new printer and incur all the additional costs of new cartridges, etc.

I don’t need help weighing the pros and cons of each option.

I do need a working printer again.

I was really bummed when my various lifesaving attempts for my Canon Pixma 4200 turned to dust. It’s a terrific printer and has been for these some nine years.

So I’ve got that on my plate.

And no vision board.

Vision boards, like I mentioned, are best done in a new moon (two days ago in this case). There’s a narrow window of time — 2-3 days after the new moon — where you can still hook onto and ride her coattails. Much past that and you may as well wait out the lunar cycle until the next new moon to plant those seeds and create that board.

I need to create a board. I know I need to create a board. And I know that I know.

I know that I need to create a board on this particular new moon. In Scorpio. At 0 degrees. In my 5th house of — da-da-dum — creativity!

I also know what the theme is, what needs to go on the board in terms of words and images. I also know that the clock’s a-tickin’.

And I know that the vision board that’s on my wall needs to be moved from its central location or or come down altogether. The themes aren’t irrelevant. Matter of fact, they’re still as pertinent now as they were when I created the board, what, two months ago.

Yet things have shifted and are shifted and I do myself no favors by “looking at an old board” or refusing to let new energies and themes present themselves and unfold before my very eyes. So to speak.

Damn! That printhead picked a bad time to die! Speaking of Scorpio new moons. 🙂 Scorpio = the sign of death and rebirth. How that applies to a printer — IF it applies — I’ve not entirely figured out. 😉

Regardless, one thing’s for certain. My vision board’s been blindsided by the printer’s breakdown.

All things must pass, said George Harrison. Coincidentally, like me, also a Pisces. Even more coincidentally, with a Scorpio moon! At 0 degrees! Spot on this Scorpio new moon! Freeeeeaaaaaky!