I’ve Flipped for Flippi!

Vornado fans. I’m a big fan — shameless word play.

Their engineering design is so thought out and cool — no word play intended.

Their fan base — ack! not again! totally unintended — is passionate about their many products. Vornado’s home.

Worth checking out the design. Blew me away — ack! enough already! One of many vids here.

Videos and research convinced me to purchase the novel Vornado 279 fan at Costco last summer. Could not be happier! It’s a keeper!

So impressed was I by its power to circulate air and cool a room (a challenge in Arizona inferno) and small footprint that I’m a now a Vornado loyalist and unlikely to purchase any other brand.

Enter Flippi.

Not to be confused with Flipper, the famous dolphin. What I’d give to be at a beach!!

I stumbled upon this lil’ gem at Costco Sunday.

Flippi by Vornado

Flippi desktop fan by Vornado. Coffee cup not included.


I’d been mulling how to move – remove hot air from my shower area — in a confined back corner with zero air circulation and worthless tiny ceiling “fan.”

ANYTHING to help alleviate this Phoenix, Arizona heat — now and certainly as we move into months of air-conditioner and fan use 24-7.

The baby Vornado fan. Perfect solution!

Turns out to have many more uses than originally intended.

Take my patio.

On second thought don’t you dare!

Love my lil’ patio! One day it’ll make the blog, this simple unadorned humble patch of concrete with weathered wooden rails painted brown.

Only some apartments in this huge complex have patios. “It costs extra,” management informed during the tour.

A no-brainer. “I’ll pay it,” I replied without hesitation.

Of late – especially with this stupid lockdown — I’m spending most of my time on the patio: while I still can. While weather permits.

It’s a “chill” 102 (38.8 C) today, May 5.

Quite soon it’ll tap 110 degrees (43.3 C), then 115-120 (46.1-48.8 C), where it’ll remain for months, forcing us into indoor lockdowns.

If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain.

The mountain be mobile.

For Flippi is so mobile … lightweight … versatile!

It moves as I move through my space.

It travels from a spot next to me in my beach chair on the patio, delivering a small gentle breeze in otherwise dead-air Phoenix …

to the floor next to my yoga mat …

to the kitchen counter next to my papasan chair …

to the vanity by the shower room to move trapped hot air and maximize air-conditioning.

So cool!

Coolest is the versatility packed in lil’ Flippi!

  • An adjustable tilt head — maximizing Vornado’s signature air circulation
  • A base that swivels or stays still
  • Two controls for low or high air flow
  • UBER quiet!

Magnificent! Tough to achieve in a small unit — we’ve all heard those high-pitched whines. Ear-bleeders. Can’t use it.

Quiet operation is a deal-breaker. Because I’ve got human dog ears. A gift and a curse like most gifts. I also suffer with misophonia and audio-sensitive migraines. So for this alien / freak, Flippi passes muster.

All these breezy perks for about $20 ($28 CAD) at Costco!

Since discovered oodles of rave reviews (unsurprisingly) on Amazon and priced at Costco’s. Sweet!


Given dual challenges in my domicile and out in the desert, I must say as a hard-core loyal Costco customer for some 18 years across state lines is that this surprise find is among the finest!

Vornado ist wunderbar!

I’ve flipped for Flippi!

(p.s. review is wholly my own; the reward is in in deserved public rave about product & company)


These blackout curtains are hot stuff!

I like to give credit where credit is due.

And credit is due these curtains.

Silk Home blackout curtains.

They do more than block out the light … which they do extremely well.

I know. I’m a night owl. My normal bedtime is 4 a.m. Sometimes as late as 5:30-6 a.m., thank you insomnia.

I’m also incredibly light sensitive. Like to surreal levels! Like alien-not human levels! A sliver of light’ll wake me up. So my sleeping space needs to be pretty pitch black, like a cave.

I’ve tried lots and lots of blackouts. Some I’ve purchased. Some I’ve fashioned in my skillful creative McGyver ways.

These Silk Homes rock at keeping out the daylight so this vampire can sleep.

However, perhaps my greatest enthusiastic endorsement lies in their insulating thermal quality.

I live in southern Arizona — desert Phoenix. It is f-ing hot.

Blazing sun.

Daytime temps from 100 to 120 F. (37.7-48.8 C) for 4-month stretches. Midnight lows at 100 degrees (37.7 C). Currently it’s 113 degrees (45 C)  in early evening (4:44 p.m.)

Brutal conditions that put any window covering and sunshade — down to your windshield  shades — to a test.

Moreover, my little studio is particularly challenged by sunlight from sunrise to sunset  — as one of two of its windows faces east, the other west.

Nice! … in winter! Brutal! …  in summer.

Naturally the curtains are kept closed to keep out the sun and keep in the air-con cool.

However, I do need to crack them open to let in a little natural light.

And I am ALWAYS impressed — if not a little alarmed — by the curtain’s temperature! The thermal side facing the window is so warm, you could toast a slice of bread!

That hot thermal surface affirms just how much heat they’re absorbing … how much heat they’re keeping OUT of my residence!

So yeah, these Silk Home blackouts – thermal/insulating curtains — best I’ve ever had! Plus they drape well, look stylish and are available in a variety of pleasing colors.

(BTW, this is a purely personal endorsement …  it’d be cool if one day Silk Home reads this!)

I got mine at Costco (online — as I needed extra-long, not available in-store).

And the price, omg! About $30 for a pair!

Kudos! They’re a keeper!

Silk Home blackouts

Silk Home Blackout Thermal Curtains