Mercury & Miscellanea on Monday

We pause our regular programming for this announcement:

Mercury turns direct this week! Thursday, September 22 at 1:30 in the morning East Coast time (so 10:30 Wednesday Pacific Coast time).

Resumes direct motion at 14 degrees Libra.

So whatever’s have wonky … delayed … out of sorts … out of sync … frustrating  … needing adjustments then more adjustments to fix those adjustments! … those heightened annoyances, oversights, errors, miscommunications … that sense of trudging through mud uphill will abate!

The brakes will be lifted and the car can move forward again — as of around Saturday.

Takes a few days to shake off the retrograde dust and be in the clear to initiate action, sign contracts, say what you mean and be heard for what you mean, generally progress or get things moving forward again.

End of September’s stacked with notable astrological shiftings on the heels of Merc turning direct on the 22nd (or 21st depending on location):

The equinox, in Libra, on Sept. 22.

Pluto turns direct on Sept. 26, after 5 months of retrograde. Distant Pluto  moves like molasses so extended retrogrades are normal, unlike quicksilver Mercury.

Mars enters Capricorn on Sept. 27, finally moving past its own retrograde cycles through summer basically. (Mars rarely retrogrades so its effects are noticeable.)

Last but not least: The new moon Sept. 30. In Libra, at 8 degrees so it’ll pass over the spot — at 14 Libra — where Mercury turned direct.

My take on all this is that these past 6 months, or from about April, have been Movers and Shakers. Shakeups. Shakedowns. Really big moves thwarted, frustrated, incomplete or if completed only with arduousness, effort and muscle — physical, mental or both!

Like, say, a series of earthquakes and tremors that keep on comin’!

Perhaps all that change, upheaval, chaos has been welcomed. Perhaps not. One thing’s for certain: It’s been confusing! Taxing even. Scary – probably. Because of the Pluto, Mars and Merc retrogrades and other planetary alignments.

Come October, things’ll begin to settle some. New realities will begin to take hold, stabilize. Fresh or altered situations and alliances will find their groove and/or you within them.

In short, everything or anything that got tossed up into the air in a seeming free-for-all-fall since spring’ll begin to make sense.

If earthquakes haven’t shaken your life, count yourself lucky!! haha, kidding. Everyone’s natal chart is unique, thereby enhancing or mitigating these universal shiftings.

Nonetheless, no one can escape ’em entirely! Unless you happen to live in a cave or atop a mountain maybe. 🙂

Anyhow, enough astro ramblings for today. Just wanted to note Mercury turning direct anon and other newsworthy shifts as September rolls into closure.

Reckon October’ll bring a flowy-ness that’s been in short supply for a while. I’m looking forward to it! And to Halloween, just around the corner. It’ll be here before you can say BOO!


Hibernation ain’t just for bears.

Hibernation or depression. It’s a fine line.

While I can’t discount depression elements, hibernation seems in full force. All I want to do these days is sleep long hours … 12 hours a day s’il vows plaît! … stay in the jammies all day and leave the bedroom only to brew coffee or prepare a simple meal.

Yep, the line between hibernation is a fine one indeed. I suspect the key difference is state of mind. Hibernation: This feels good, wholesome, ultimately restorative and rejuvenating. Depression: I can’t move. I wish I were de-d.

Admittedly I feel some of each.

Anyways, I’m on Day Two of a hibernation I can’t seem to shake. The bed is my home. I’m very good at entertaining myself. Always have been. It’s an outcome of a very abusive mother who wanted nothing to do with me or even raising a child. Neglect has its “positive reward” I guess.

Blast from the (Not Distant) Past

So a strange thing happened on the way outta Walmart the other night.

I bumped into the neighbor (aka the “good neighbor”) at my former digs, site of the living nightmare with the upstairs Click and Clomp Couple. Horribly noisy place it was! She was nice albeit mousy, he was a real dick. No love lost there in that move!

Anyhow, I did know that the two moved out by virtue of the vacancy ad. After ongoing issues with noise that included police visits, I can’t but suspect that their lease was not renewed.

The “good neighbor” informed me that the owner just installed soundproofing! NOW they do it after months of my bringing the noise problems to the landlord’s attention and then moving out! haha

Anyways, I can’t imagine what sort of soundproofing they installed. It’s an old building circa 1958. Thin wood floors upstairs with ZERO insulation.

They wouldn’t gone to the trouble or expense of tearing up the floors and didn’t, the “good neighbor” confirmed that. Which leaves me picturing something like this:

convulated foam on ceiling

ceiling soundproofing with egg-crate foam


hahah. Regardless, whatever “soundproofing” was install, it’s at best a Band-Aid fix to a very real noise issue. The soundest (haha, no pun intended) solution to eliminating the incredible serious noise problem there: Moving!

Voila! Was nice to bump into the “good neighbor” and his friend. And get the update on the old place. I miss the location smack by downtown but not the Thunder from Above. No relation to Zeus.

Speaking of Neighbors …

The neighboring man with mental impairment issues again had his TV on all night. He falls asleep in front of it. As a result, what sounds like a buncha people standing beneath my window having a loud conversation through the night occurred. I’m NOT gonna go knocking on his door at 2 in the morning to ask him to turn it down!

The TV shouldn’t be on all night as it is. He’s not watching it, it’s very annoying and disruptive and the lease states “quiet time after 10 p.m.”

Maybe in the other mobile homes but not his!

This ongoing issue needs to be addressed and resolved. I lay awake ’til 5 a.m. thinking of how to talk to him and what to say. His mental issues make it somewhat challenging.

Back to the Beginning

It is part depression and part hibernation that’s got me holed up. Can’t do much about the lassitude (it’s a longtime issue); the hibernation, on the other hand … I can make better creative use of it.

So on that note and inspired by blogger longeyesamurai’s enjoyable draws of single tarot cards in his posts, gonna pull a card from the beloved (and ever-resonating) Mermaids and Dolphins deck (by Doreen Virtue) … to illuminate this strange and palpable state of hibernation/self-imposed retreat/(unhealthy) isolation in which I find myself:


Contemplation Time. {kid you not!} “Spend time alone, meditating upon what you truly desire.”

“You need some alone time. Make a firm appointment to be by yourself in a quiet place (ideally in nature or near plants) without delay. Make sure that you’ll be uninterrupted for at least one hour. Take a pad of paper and pen with you.

“{Relax, breathe} … then write down this question: ‘What do I want to do next?’ Write whatever comes to you in response, without worrying whether it’s ‘correct’ or not.

“Then ask your subconscious: ‘What’s my heart’s true desire right now?’ Write down the answer.

“Spend time noting your true priorities so that you’ll know how to structure your free time to match what’s important to you.”

Spot-on guidance from a mermaid to a (humanized) bear in hibernation!