This babe’s been “shot” by NutriBullet

I’ve been shot — “bulletized” — by the NutriBullet!

To follow up on yesterday’s post about my fresh nutritional direction and acquisition of the NutriBullet, I began this morning with my first smoothie!

I lie. I actually began it with coffee. Now, I’m not a breakfast eater (and never have been since completing childhood). Coffee’s been my “breakfast” for many years. That may change as I move forward into better health and healthful practices.

My very first smoothie! If I sound ridiculously excited, I am! As mentioned in the prior post, I’ve never been into smoothies (except milkshakes) and naturally have never owned a smoothie tool.

My world’s growing and expanding and so am I!

Though I’m a good cook, I’m not versed in the art and science of combining veggies and fruits and nuts, oh my! in a powerhouse bullet. So I’ve researched quite a lot of smoothie recipes sites and read the most excellent literature that came with the NutriBullet.

With a focus on veggies and greens, yesterday I stocked the fridge with healthful ingredients — a feat in and of itself! I’ve been really craving beets so made sure to get those.

Here’s my very first concoction!


And, for the record, the back side of that special glass from Prescott’s 150th birthday bash over the weekend:


Not exactly an amber, is it? 😉

That’s a small beet, mixed greens (kale, spinach, chard), baby carrots, blueberries, tomato and flaxseed. Whirred with water.

Ohmigoodness! Sooooo tasty! My body hollered in delight and shock! “What’s this?! What’s this?!? REAL food?!?!”

I confess that real food on any regular basis is a foreign practice. Apart from my decade in Japan, where I ate pretty regularly and well, I’ve flown by the seat of my pants and relied heavily on that strong German constitution.

Which, after 57 years, is fraying at the seams.

A fun adventure this is going to be! Reacquainting myself with health and better living and body/health respect.

And smoothies! Who’d a-gusssed it’d come to this after years of rugged living!

The selection of ingredients is limited only by imagination! Well, OK, availability too. I’m a babe in the “bulletized” woods and the world’s my oyster. As an ingredient in my smoothies, perhaps not so much. :-p


This Ol’ Gal’s Biting the (Nutri) Bullet

There comes a point in the lives of most when you ain’t so young no more … when words like “arthritis” and “slowed metabolism” and “risk of dementia” and “glaucoma” creep into your vocabulary.

I’ve not started reading the obits yet. It’d be moot since I’m in a new town and know so few people. In about another 10 years though … 😉

So as you get up there in the years, you realize that not only can you not do the stuff you did in your teens, 20s, even 30s.

Like staying up all night with few to no consequences; now, it takes me three days to recover.

Like eating poorly and still maintaining health; now, I can’t consume even a quarter the amount of sugar of my youth without bouncing and peeling myself off walls.

Like drinking and smoking and parting and still being able to function at full capacity, or nearly so, the next day.

And getting sick in youth, chances are you’ll be back on your feet in a day or two; now, I’m fortunate if I’m over it in five.

All of which leads to this:

Life experience, health issues through the years and a general maturing have forced many changes in attitude and diet. Though I’m hardly of the same seemingly imperishable stock of Keith Richards, all in all my body’s held up pretty well given all the abuse and neglect through a good part of my life. I’ve relied heavily on my good German stock while, admittedly, paying insufficient heed to a body system that’s in fact also quite delicate and sensitive.

Meet my new buddy:


The NutriBullet.

I’ve never been one for smoothies. Except as milkshakes. Even way back when they were all the new rage, my interest was nil. For the past year-plus, however, I’ve had this niggling inclination to get going with smoothies — especially ones heavy on veggies. I’m not much of a fruits person. Ditto fruit juices.

Recent health issues, among other things, have finally led me to, ahem, bite the bullet. Costco has this model, which got excellent reviews on Amazon and elsewhere. It also comes with an extremely educational hardbound book called “Natural Healing Foods.”

In addition to oodles of smoothie recipes, the book includes individualized and illuminating sections on different areas of the body, i.e., Role of the Circulatory System, Components of the Immune System, Components of the Digestive System. It’s well-illustrated and -written and user friendly, even for the biology novice (which incidentally I’m not).

Rather than rushing in with one giant leap, I’m treading into the smoothies pool diligently and thoughtfully and learning about which foods do what and which pair nicely with others in a bullet.

I’m excited to rev it up tomorrow! I’m excited to introduce a new food group, if you will — aka smoothies. I’m excited to see my body response and hopefully improved health. I’m excited to see where this all leads me in terms of positive energy and attitude. Stay tuned.

So yeah, biting the (Nutri) bullet! Like a buddy always says, “Aging ain’t for sissies.”

Downtime. Not in a good way.

Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink.

Headache, headache, everywhere, nor any drop of relief.

I’ve written before of migraines, a subject of which I know much too much and yet still know not my triggers or, equally vital, tools of avoidance.

Today isn’t about migraines but headaches (and the differences are HUUUUUUGE). Today I’ve got “a regular headache,” for lack of a better descriptor. It’s, however, not a “routine headache” eased by aspirin, anti-inflammatory or homeopathic remedy. I tried.

I get headaches very very frequently these days. This one doesn’t have the crushing head-in-a-vise pain of many of my headaches. And it’s not a migraine.

And it’s not a headache relieved by eating — tried that — or increased water intake.

If I had to describe, I’d say it’s a medium-level tension headache. In other words, the vise is on but it’s not been tightened to crushing; it’s a “mere” constant hard pressure.

Yikes. Even that’s no fun.

My headaches have grown so frequent that I’m concerned. If I had insurance, which I’ve not had since 2004 — a moot point since Obama is purposefully DECIMATING our marvelous health care system — and a decent job — again, moot since Obamacare’s eradicating employer plans CONVENIENTLY after the coming midterms — I’d go get checked. Which is a LOT for me to say because I am DOCTOR UNFRIENDLY. I will do EVERYTHING I can possibly do NOT to go, including getting super super super super sick. I’d get an MRI just to make sure there’s nothing going on inside the brain or skull that I need to know about.

I’m up there in the years and like my friend Harley says, “Aging ain’t for sissies.” So true. Fact is, I shouldn’t be getting headaches like this and I can’t help but wonder or fear the possible reasons.

But then again, we shouldn’t have a Socialist Marxist destroying the American health care system and country as a whole. But what the hell can I do? I didn’t vote for the Darth Vader motherfucker from the Dark Side.

+ + +

In other news, 1-1/2 months living here and looking for work and still unemployed. Nothing more I care to add.

+ + +

In still other news, things at home have gone south (per two prior posts), never to be returned to their former “innocence” — again for lack of a better word. I know now who I’m living with — a Mistress of the House who stubbornly refuses to listen to acknowledge or appreciate me (apart from the fact that I clean up after myself in the kitchen). She’s the Boss. She’s the Issuer of the Dictates, the Enforcer of the Rules. She holds all the cards. Goddamn, I’m treated like a 9-year-old child by a mean mommy and daddy!

It’s a doomed arrangement and a matter of time — and timing — until I can wave bye-bye and be on my merry way. Or merrier.

Getting a job is first and foremost for without a source of income, no landlord will rent a studio/private space to me. And not just ANY job but a job that PAYS. It costs to live solo.

I could go on but suddenly I’ve hit a wall. A wall of a headache. It’s like that with my headaches, when thinking is brought to a grinding halt by stultifying pain or ache. Pressing on becomes an impossible task.

Downer post as a consequence of an unrelenting headache. The result is always DOWNtime but not in a good way. 🙂

migraines, depression and the wonder of Bigfoot

Which came first, the chicken or the egg, these migraines or the depression?

Something happens in my brain that switches off everything but the autonomic system during my migraines and severe headaches, which after a decent period of absence have recently returned — with a vengence.

There’s no discernable trigger or cause. These severe headaches and migraines just descend, sometimes with warning, i.e., auras in the case of migraines.

Other times, I can feel fine and dandy one day and then the next day, WHAAAAAM! As if 200 vises were strapped around my head during the night.

Then there’s the depression.

The process is similar, not identical. My brain activity comes to a sudden halt. As if it has emptied itself but it hasn’t. That would be too Zen and peaceful.

It’s as if you’re driving along a country road on a sunny afternoon. Then suddenly out of nowhere, you hit a dead end and the sky turns pitch black. Your car loses its headlights and all electrical power.

You cannot see and even if you hazard to turn the wheel this way and that to find the way out, everything’s turned wonky.

Turning the wheel to the right may lead you to the left … or turning it to the left leads you to the left … or the right … straight ahead or even backward. There’s no rhyme or reason or way out. You’re trapped, perpetually and irrevocably trapped at the dead end in total darkness.

And oh the pain and the pressure inside your skull … like a million rubber bands tightly binding every inch … like the heat of a burning forest … like every door and window of your house slammed shut, blocking out all life and all light and confining you inside an intense pressure cooker …

And by the way, there’s no cell phone reception at that aforementioned dark dead end — as if that needed to be said. (And it did for our cell phones-addicted culture.)

= = =

I don’t know what brings on the depression that shuts everything, in particular language, verbal and written aptitudes and healthy reasoning processes, out and down and entraps me in that inescapable dead end. Neither do I know what brings on these horrible headaches and migraines.

Whether it be a chemical transformation, altered functions of synapses or unconscious deep-seated stresses, worries and fears that render me a soulless and joyless fairly brain-dead shell (that’s how it feels anyhow), there may be a thread linking two separate phenomenon. If that’s the case, hell if I know what it is.

Not much more to add save that these headaches and migraines hurt like hell.

And when the depression hits, it flatlines me. Depression slams me so very very hard to the ground holds me in such a suffocatingly tight lock of mind & body that it’s all I can do to keep breathing. Just keep breathing, even when it’s painful.

Just breathe.
No air inside this water.
Just breathe.
No air holes through this dirt.
Just breathe.
Until the raptor of depression eases and releases my head from its nail-sharp talons.

as for the migraines, the headaches … i just don’t know why they come or what makes them go away and thus their healing solution remains the elusive wonder of the monstrous Bigfoot. While he may or may not exist, I assure these headaches do and for their elusive explanation and devastation are more frightening than that Big Beast.

C is for cranky and cervical vertebrae

I woke up feeling like something the cat dragged in.

Under the weather. Rung out and tired, as if to signal onset of illness or cold.

The cause is this chronic neck and shoulder pain that’s been plaguing  for 2-1/2 months. My assorted self-care treatments — applications of ice, heat, anti-inflammatory tabs, yoga, McKenzie method neck exercises  — along with chiropractic adjustments are not restoring the neck, primarily, and secondarily the affected left shoulder/arm as well or quickly as I’d hoped and need.

“Displacement of cervical vertebrae, twisting and tightening of ligament / tendon / muscles of neck and shoulder as a result of longterm poor sleeping position on pillow that was too high” : this is what my gut / inner knowing say. “Low-grade chronic pain that’s become acute chronic pain. Needed is deep muscle  manipulation in conjunction with vertebrae manipulation and correction.”

Again, my gut talking.

I don’t want to laugh and don’t mean to sound like I am but how are those remedies / treatments possible? I have no insurance. I have barely an income from the job I have {a job to be released anon}. And don’t even get me started on the whole Obamacare fiasco. Disaster isn’t a strong enough word. Fucking disaster doesn’t even say it! Ruination of America … socialism of America. So it goes.

I’m such an advocate and practitioner of active self-care. Being stymied in my initiative and efforts in self-care that’s well researched, informed and  implemented with discipline is so damn frustrating. In some ways I feel defeated.

And very tired. Tired of the pain. Compromised body mechanics and mobility. Tired of hurting.  Speaking of which, off I go to the chiro now. Will see whether we accomplish that grand pop! so needed by those cervical vertebrae. Be back later {ahem}.