You rock, you white rock!

‘Tis the full moon.

In Gemini, 22 degrees. Tempting it be, not gonna write much about this full moon astrologically or personally. Only that full moons are when a matter or matters achieve fruition; what the matter is depends on where in your chart the full moon falls and other individual astrological aspects.

“Sorry,” guys, contrary to horoscopes published in newspapers would have you believe, astrology ‘n’ full moons ‘n’ more ain’t a one-size-fits-all deal. Inconvenient but true.

That said, this full moon in Gemini’s got me sitting up taking notice. Because, in my chart, it speaks of subconscious or deeply intimate issues achieving fruition or coming to a head.

Note: The effort, nee need, to move. Not written of it so not expecting anyone to follow along :-).

Suffice it to say it’s time to move on from this current roommate situation into albeit another roommate situation (ugh) with better harmony than this.

What can I say? Some situations just aren’t meant to last. They’re fine for a month or two in a terrible pinch. Beyond, let it go and move on. Literally.

Yes it’s the full moon, the time of fruition. Of issues coming to a head. Recent changes in the domestic air are damn clear. Time for me to move on, even if my roommate can’t entirely articulate it.

He wants me out. I want out. What more is there to say … except full moon. Completion. Been seeking a room share diligently, religiously for the past month. The challenge has got everything to do with availability nuthin’ with intent to move. Arrrrghhhh! The price of my town being discovered and all that that brings, i.e, doubled rents, etc. etc.

On the Full-Moon Fruition Front

There’s more.

Loooong story short, I finally today completed a letter to my former boss about incidences involving other employees of which he knows nothing. Denial and head-in-the-sand are effective means of “knowing nothing!”

It’s a deeply important letter that I wrote and one that had to be written for several reasons. It’s in the mail as we speak. Probably in the hands of my former boss in a day or two, max.

Fruition Part II

There’s still more.

Not only am I actively looking to move around year’s end, I’m also putting looking to put a period on a former housing matter that requires legal action. As in I taking the former landlord to court over a deposit illegally withheld.

Tomorrow paperwork gets filed with the court in an open-and-shut case.

Again full moons are all about fruition. Past matters coming to a head.

About issues coming into realization or culmination,= “for better or worse.”

In my case, the two most intimate and ever challenging areas — home and former work — are achieving their culmination simultaneously.

Gets no more full moon-y than that!

A thing or more coming to a head. Realize it. Become of aware of it. Then let it go. It no longer serves you.

{hand raised, doing both work & home!}

Didn’t really have much more to say than that.

Bye to my current shelter — albeit not before a better one’s found any time now by Dec. 3!

Bye to, frankly, the mountain of shit at my former job that I loved before two colleagues rendered it unloveable!

Bye goes the home.

Bye goes the former dream job.

Full moon in Gemini 22 degrees.

In my chart it’s about challenges and discipline and focus to grow and move to a better place. The coal becoming the diamond process.

I’ll take that challenge! Have taken it.

Looking ahead … new moon in two weeks …8 degrees Capricorn. Super-favorable in my natal chart!

Here’s what I wanna say / predict astrologically: Change of residence is coming very soon into the new year!

Somebody’s gonna help me out. Not an acquaintance. An individual / stranger inclined to lend a helping hand.

Also, I feel, the court will take my case regarding wrongdoing by the former landlord and we’ll proceed accordingly. This’ll please me greatly; justice ultimately will be served. Even if in just a tiny pocket of the universe, that it happens is reason to rejoice.

And my former boss who’ll soon receive a letter that’ll raise his head out of the sand … doesn’t matter what happens with those former coworkers. Most important is that I spoke / wrote the truth long secreted and am letting it go.

Full moon tonight, new moon in two weeks and on it goes.

What can I say but you rock, white inhabitable rock floating alongside earth!


Mercury & Miscellanea on Monday

We pause our regular programming for this announcement:

Mercury turns direct this week! Thursday, September 22 at 1:30 in the morning East Coast time (so 10:30 Wednesday Pacific Coast time).

Resumes direct motion at 14 degrees Libra.

So whatever’s have wonky … delayed … out of sorts … out of sync … frustrating  … needing adjustments then more adjustments to fix those adjustments! … those heightened annoyances, oversights, errors, miscommunications … that sense of trudging through mud uphill will abate!

The brakes will be lifted and the car can move forward again — as of around Saturday.

Takes a few days to shake off the retrograde dust and be in the clear to initiate action, sign contracts, say what you mean and be heard for what you mean, generally progress or get things moving forward again.

End of September’s stacked with notable astrological shiftings on the heels of Merc turning direct on the 22nd (or 21st depending on location):

The equinox, in Libra, on Sept. 22.

Pluto turns direct on Sept. 26, after 5 months of retrograde. Distant Pluto  moves like molasses so extended retrogrades are normal, unlike quicksilver Mercury.

Mars enters Capricorn on Sept. 27, finally moving past its own retrograde cycles through summer basically. (Mars rarely retrogrades so its effects are noticeable.)

Last but not least: The new moon Sept. 30. In Libra, at 8 degrees so it’ll pass over the spot — at 14 Libra — where Mercury turned direct.

My take on all this is that these past 6 months, or from about April, have been Movers and Shakers. Shakeups. Shakedowns. Really big moves thwarted, frustrated, incomplete or if completed only with arduousness, effort and muscle — physical, mental or both!

Like, say, a series of earthquakes and tremors that keep on comin’!

Perhaps all that change, upheaval, chaos has been welcomed. Perhaps not. One thing’s for certain: It’s been confusing! Taxing even. Scary – probably. Because of the Pluto, Mars and Merc retrogrades and other planetary alignments.

Come October, things’ll begin to settle some. New realities will begin to take hold, stabilize. Fresh or altered situations and alliances will find their groove and/or you within them.

In short, everything or anything that got tossed up into the air in a seeming free-for-all-fall since spring’ll begin to make sense.

If earthquakes haven’t shaken your life, count yourself lucky!! haha, kidding. Everyone’s natal chart is unique, thereby enhancing or mitigating these universal shiftings.

Nonetheless, no one can escape ’em entirely! Unless you happen to live in a cave or atop a mountain maybe. 🙂

Anyhow, enough astro ramblings for today. Just wanted to note Mercury turning direct anon and other newsworthy shifts as September rolls into closure.

Reckon October’ll bring a flowy-ness that’s been in short supply for a while. I’m looking forward to it! And to Halloween, just around the corner. It’ll be here before you can say BOO!

Harvest Moon & Other Little Lunacies

A splash o’ this, a dash o’ that kinda day.

Lunar – Lunacy

Harvest moon tonight. So named as it’s the full moon closest to the autumn equinox. A penumbra lunar eclipse also occurring. At 24 degrees Pisces.

Astrological articles abound on that. If so inclined, this one’s pretty good. Easy for laymen yet informational and instructive.

Tonight is day 2 at a “new job.” Hardly seems worth blogging on it so haven’t! And not only ’cause it’s a mere 10 hours a week (2 nights / 5 hours). My interest in the job is zip zero nada. It’s just more menial Lame Crap Job bullshit. BS = no relevance to my life purpose, path or passions.

“A waste of time.”

I put up with it “because it’s what I do.” Even that thinking’s gotten old. REALLY old.

High Tide / High Time

High time I let go of all this crap I impose on myself. This bullshit Lame Crap Jobs as “my new career.” All that I deserve when I’m capable of SO. MUCH. MORE. And HAVE DONE so much more than scrub toilets, mop floors and {fill-in-the-blank of endless menial tasks}.

It’s high time I stop letting shit jobs define me.

High time — nice tie-in with the high tide of tonight’s full moon!

Top o’ the Chart

Astrologically, this eclipse falls smack on my sun in Pisces in the 10th house. The house at the top of circular birth chart. Picture a pie cut into 12 slices. The house at 12 o’clock is the 10th-house of career, life purpose, Work (as opposed to Job).

A significant event when a solar or lunar eclipse conjuncts a personal planet in a birth chart.

Because of where this eclipse falls — in my 10th career house AND precisely on my (Pisces) sun, I take notice.

Lunar eclipses mark endings. They’re very emotional too — lunar / luna / emotions / feelings. Don’t be surprised if your emotions or others’ are intense, running unusually high!

“Coincidentally” — nee synchronistically — I just lost a career job that was very significant, connected to my true self, not just some shit stupid job. Didn’t really lose it of course (it’s right where I left it!). Long story, anyways. It’s over.

Emotions still being processed. Lunar eclipse: trying to find and follow the light through the darkness that eclipses bring.

This eclipse delivers opportunity to FEEL YOUR FEELINGS! Shit! God I hate that! Hahahah, kidding (!?).

To feel and to release.

We all have some work cut out for ourselves with this eclipse in Pisces. Something emotional / metaphysical / etheric. Something internal where the Divine and the personal meet. Something personal but bigger than you too. That’s Pisces. Universal flow and your part in it.

Last but not least, to see the Harvest Moon wax into fruition: here.


Martinis, Mars and Mygawd My Neighbor Sucks!

A bad neighbor’s reason to return to martinis.

I stopped drinking in April. Not due to a drinking problem, rather health reasons that required eliminating sugar from the diet.

My improved condition now allows alcohol, in moderation of course. And thank god ‘cuz in summer, nuthin’ like a crisp chilled craft beer!


Coincidentally, when I could reintroduce alcohol is also when the problem with the neighbor and his monstrosity of a noisy swamp cooler began.

Apparently someone up there’s looking out for me after all!

June’s been a shit month because of the bad neighbor. Thank god I journal! Those pages have been my sole outlet for burning rage, hate not of him as a person but as a neighbor, disappointment in him. He can do better. He can and should to be that good neighbor for himself and for others.

He’s been a failure and failed to do what he said he would do, which exposes him as unreliable and as man of words but not action.

I can only hope that things get better – waaaay better — in July.


There’s reason for (very) guarded optimism. The planet Mars.

It went retrograde April 17. Finally finally turned direct yesterday. 4:38 p.m. Pacific Time to be exact. Yep, better believe I was counting the minutes!

Unlike Mercury, Mars rarely retrogrades — every coupla years as opposed to Mercury retrogrades 3-4 times a year.

Very different planets, Mercury ‘n’ Mars, thus too their retrograde effects.

Rather than delineate those differences, I’m gonna speak of Mars retrograde. Lord knows I earned street cred these past two months.

Mars retrograded from Sagittarius into Scorpio. The signs matter but I’m not gonna focus on that either, rather Mars retro generally.

Mars rules Aries. It’s the planet of action. Drive. Initiation. Determination.

Mars is the life force seen in springtime when the flowers crack open the soil and emerge.

Mars is the warrior. The yang. In a birth chart, the sign Mars is in tells us how we express our anger. How we stand up for ourselves.

Mars is physical. It is the Doing planet. It Get Things Done. Mars is assertiveness, courage and actionsfrom conviction.

Like every sign, every planet has positive and negative qualities. One of the negatives of Mars is aggression or forcefulness. Argumentativeness and willfulness. It can be incredibly selfish and me-me-me-first-and-only-me.

Like Kate Hudson (the “actress”), whom I cannot stand. She reeks of Aries. Of “me me me look at me it’s all about me.” Her mom said she came outta the womb that way. Kate has the sun, mercury and mars — three important personal planets — in Aries. Boy can I tell!

So that’s Mars.

A retrograding planet means its traveling in reverse rather than forward. Just like a car.

So the energies turn inward. Inner experiences feelings emotions are amplified, even gain precedence over external experiences.

In retrogrades, the energies associated with that planet — in this case Mars — also get stymied. Blocked. Thwarted from normal expression.

Since Mars is such an actions-and-life-force planet, in retrograde,  all those energies get bottled up. With no outlet.

Can you spell rage?



Energy drains … fatigue … ineffectiveness … actions that don’t come to fruition … actions backfiring. Even the best intentions end up in the sewer!

There’s a terrific article on retrograding Mars here.

I wrote that this Mars retro gave me street cred.

The talk with James about his noisy monstrosity cooler was a month ago. Smack dab in the Mars retro.

It was a great talk.

But he did nothing.

He did none of the things he said he would do: turn it off at night and when he’s away for noise reduction and when it’s not too hot.

I left him a friendly reminder on his door.

Still nothing. No action. No responsibility. No neighborliness from him. Zero. Zip. Nada.

Mars retro. It’s the man in the mob. He’s a knee-capper!

Good news is, this 2-month retro is FINALLY over — as of yesterday. It’ll take a few days for Mars to gain its forward traction and a couple weeks still for the dust to clear.

But with Mars going direct again, things can start moving forward again. The BACKLOG of rage, frustrations, intense conflicts with no solutions or peace accords, that’ll start easing up and clearing out.


So if these past coupla months have been marked with WEIRD confrontations, including, nee especially from total strangers,  agitation, stresses and frustrations of the highest order, hot tempers, impatience (yours and others), know that:

  1. you are not alone!
  2. it really will start getting better; the ways forward will be offered; progress will return.

I have a neighbor who is failing to be a good neighbor. He can be. Will he be? I’ve my doubts. It’ll require him to step up to the plate.

Toward that end, I will be talking with him again WHENEVER I CAN FIND HIM HOME!!!!

It’s 73 degrees outside. Nights are like 50. IT IS NOT NECESSARY FOR THAT SWAMP COOLER TO BE RUNNING. AND CERTAINLY NOT 24/7!!!!

Get with the program, James in #8. Do what you said you would do. Turn the monstrosity off when it’s not too hot.

A fair and reasonable request.

God I’m glad Mars finally went direct! Perhaps now he’ll become a man of his word. A man of action.

Me, I’m a girl of action. On that note, while a martini would soooo hit the spot, I’ve none of the makings so gonna go pour myself that beer!


Ohhhhmmmm … my, Mercury’s gone reverse

Il est arrivé.

At 10. 20 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time, 1.20 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. 23 degrees Taurus.

Mercury retrograde.

So much is written, including by moi, on the Do’s and Don’ts of Mercury retro. The Planet of Communication in reverse is much maligned, misunderstood and misperceived.


Not-breaking news: It’s not falling. News is:

Mercury, as ruler of Gemini, rules transportation, communication, information exchange, mental processes, thought, scheduling, things electrical and mechanical.

Think of Mercury as a connector. A plug connecting us to the external world and the internal.

In a retro, these things turn wonky. Unreliable. Unpredictable. Static-y.

A person says one thing. The other person hears something entirely different. Or misses some element.

The brain is out to lunch. So mistakes happen at work caused by inattention. The Zone Out. Even otherwise routine tasks have to be redone. Mistakes occur, corrections are required. Hiccups. Burps. Glitches. Annoyances. These are Mercury in reverse.

Fresh ventures don’t pan out. Anything begun in a Mercury retro is pockmarked by annoyances, twists and turns. Example: A job started in a retro will NOT look the same down the road. Avoid signing contracts!

The exception is if you return to a job — the actual place and employer of the past.

Sign a lease, same thing. Unless you lived in that very house/rental prior.  Occupancy will end prematurely and/or will be laced with problems that you’ll want to move. Noisy obnoxious neighbors or barking dog next door anyone?

Do NOT under any circumstances make major purchases! Especially vehicles, computers, appliances, things mechanical, electric. They’ll be buggy, at worse a lemon, for as long as you have them.

Essentially, Mercury retro is all about the RE.

  • Review.
  • Redo.
  • Rethink.
  • Re-examine.
  • Reflect.

Mercury retro used productively means for example:

CLEAN OUT YOUR CLOSETS. Rid yourself of clutter. REview what is essential and bid bye-bye to the unnecessary and the dross.

Rethink before you hit the send button on those emails. Are you communicating succinctly. If it can be misconstrued by the recipient, then assume it’ll be. Take steps to minimize miscommunication.

The retro’s perfect for REvisiting your work, editing manuscripts, drafts for fellow writers and editors.

REflect on the past. It’s common for people of our past to REappear. Whether that’s positive or negative, only you can determine. BUT know this. Just because a former love of your life, friend or significant other returns is NOT a sign you should REunite.

Because Merc retro brings the past to us to REview and REthink. To heal the old and move on when Mercury resumes direct motion in a month.

Allow extra time in traveling. Be it on the road, by air or sea, delays are to be expected. Mercury does not GUARANTEE it, rather significantly heightens the possibility.

Fender-benders are very common in a retro. Because people are inattentive. More than usual that is. The best offense thus is to drive super-defensively. Expecting the worst and acting accordingly will help protect you.

I hope this short-short course on Merc retro helps.

It’ll be over. Officially May 22. Add a few days for the dust to clear in the back-end shadow. So about a month from now, we’ll be in good to go and things can begin moving forward productively and cleanly again.

Until then, practice:



What’s cookin’, baby?

A lot. The news is piling up so I best get to it on this cool lovely autumn day of 11-11.

At Home & Abroad

First and foremost, Happy Veterans’ Day! To all veterans past and present. I join millions across our home country and abroad in thanking you on this day. I am grateful for your service and sacrifices. We don’t forget and on this day we say loudly and clearly: Thank You. Each and every one of you.

In This Home

The Repairs & Beautifying of my “new” space (mobile home rental of 2-1/2 months) rolls forward full steam. I’ve completed various repairs and of course painting the entire interior. The really big news is the new windows are in!!! (not by moi, rather the landlord’s brother and two nephews). Will blog on that another time.

For now, will say simply that they are making **a world of difference** in retaining heat, eliminating chills and drafts and reducing noise. I love ’em!! Still to figure out: window treatments.

From The Oven

My vaaaastly-improved domestic situation has renewed a lifelong passion for cooking. (Was a time I seriously considered culinary school.) I’m thrilled to report that my “new” digs include a kitchy circa 1960s gas oven and stove. MUCH prefer them over electric!


With the dust from the move at last settling and the cold weather upon us, my thoughts turn to soups and crockpotting. Notice I wrote *crock-* not *crack*-potting. 🙂 Soups are my strength & speciality and this time of year really brings out my inner German hausfrau.

Had I planned to post on this, I’d-a taken pics! Anywho, moving on … alongside fresh spinach, kabocha is my top-fav veggie. Kabocha’s ubiquitous in Japan; that’s where I discovered and truly fell in love with it! Normally I like it very simple — steamed in dashi in Japanese fashion — and enjoyed in soft chunks. Paradise!

But with a hankering for a nice thick dairy-free soup, I decided instead to roast it. Cutting kabocha is a bit like slicing through a thick dense hunk-a clay! A good knife is **essential** … and proceeding slowly and cautiously. The thick skin should first be pierced with a chef’s knife and then carefully work the knife through in a sawing motion.

I cut slices about 1-2 inches thick and lay them on a baking sheet covered with foil and sprayed with canola oil. Then I sprayed the slices and sprinkled Himalayan salt — sea salt would also be **delish** (I long ago ditched the iodized salt for the superior savoriness and flavor of sea salt). Roasted ’em at 350 for about 20 minutes; turned once about halfway through.



Inspired by the roasted kabocha, I sliced up a coupla white onions. Deskinned about 4 cloves of garlic (in the center marked by pumpkin slices in the pic below.) Set those on foil sprayed with canola oil. Lightly sprayed the onions & garlic with the same and again the Himalayan pink salt. Roasted in a 350 oven for about 20 minutes, turning once to prevent burning. A little char is good; too much only makes the garlic bitter and onion unpleasant.



From the Kabocha

The seeds. Some people like to wash ’em or soak ’em first to remove the strings. Me, I like the strings. So I simply spread ’em out on a sprayed foil, lightly sprayed with canola oil and sprinkled with … you guessed it! … Himalayan salt. Roasted at 300 for about 15 minutes, turning here and there to prevent scorching. (A little scorching doesn’t bother me. 🙂 )

The result:


Roasted kabocha, onions & garlic … waiting for my next move. 🙂

What shall it be?!

I do not care for dairy-based soups so it’ll certainly be a chicken-broth base. With “Better Than Bouillon” chicken base in a jar — my starting point for any soup in the absence of genuine broth from the bones. Amazing stuff, Better Than Bouillon! (Comes in chicken & beef.) Discovered it years ago on the Internet and have *never* returned to those crappy salt licks called bouillon cubes!

From the Grab Bag

So a lot’s cookin’ in this corner of the world.

I’m still at my PT job at Fry’s Food and will drop it soon as something better comes my way (lookin’).

I’ve been gaining more hours and most importantly new experience and skills at the radio station while filling in for a coworker. Joy! I hope for and dream of more and more hours, consistently, regularly and not only as a fill-in.

From the Scorpio Moon

Visions! Today, 11-11, is a new moon. In Scorpio! {In my case, in the 5th house of creativity.} With Scorpio being the energy of creativity and passion and desire, today (and approximately the next two) is ideal for creating a vision board. For seeding that which we truly desire.

Hence since I go to work (Fry’s) in a coupla hours, I best get on it! Again, Happy Veterans’ Day and gratitude to each and every veteran who has served or is serving. And Happy New Mooning in Scorpio! ‘Tis the day for digging down deep into our passions and articulating, by word or by image, our true desires and passions.

Toodles for now …







To quote a rocker dude-lady, dream on!

It’s here!

Been waiting for this day specifically for a month or more!

What makes this day, July 15, special? Why, it’s the new moon!

In Cancer.

New moons are great times to create vision boards. Y’all know what a vision board is, n’est pas? A collage of words and images pasted onto a poster board (typically) that express what you’d like to create or have in your life.

I’m big on vision boards for a number of reasons. They’re living, breathing entitities. I don’t do one with each monthly new moon. (They’re done at new moons is because that’s the time of planting seeds that you desire to see harvested down the road.)

However, I’m ensuring that one is created with this new moon — at 20 degrees Cancer — because it’s so harmonious and compatible with the planetary arrangements in my birth chart. (Heavy in Pisces & Virgo for anyone astro-knowledgeable.)

More than a Cancer new moon that’s got me revved up! Mercury and Mars and the Sun (of course — sun & moon always conjunct in same sign during a new moon) are too in Cancer … for the record, 13, 14 and 23 degrees, respectively.

A veritable stellium that speaks of push push push — Mars is action — and favorable developments can follow.

That Mars is traveling through my first house (the traditional solar house of Aries — again, action / initiate) and in my chart ruled by Cancer lends that ooooompf! I’m needing to make things happen.

What things?

Home & work/employment. Survival. The basics of life!

As it happens, the Chaos on Crack that is Corporate Kroger (parent of Fry’s supermarkets) has floated my way again. Loooong story short (portions are posted prior), I may end up working there after all. As a courtesy clerk. A fancy word for bagger.

Go in tomorrow to meet the two “in charge.” Deservedly put in quotes because no one’s in charge at Krogers anymore than amid the bumbling Three Stooges!

That’s neither here nor there for the purposes of this post. If it happens, it’s a job, nothing more than a job and a means of income and something to do that ISN’T motel cleaning — banish those words from my brain! It’s not a career. No f-in’ way!

Where my focus lies with this vision board is home. Securing a new residence by the vacate date. It’s been hell, this search! A trip designed by the masters of purgatory themselves! So little on the market. Overwhelming demand due to the annual moving season AND return of students at the universities — with an “s.”

I’m trying to buck up and stay bucked up but deep down, I’m in panic, fear, terror. What if I don’t find a place? What then?

{breathe. breathe. breathe}

Due to the extraordinary pressure of housing, I’m doing my vision board a little differently this new moon.

I’m creating two!

One exclusively for housing, the other for other key areas of my life.

Spent an entire afternoon yesterday surveying, downloading and printing images from the Net that capture my divine requests and desires.

Then I shall cut them out, arrange and glue them to my divine satisfaction and pleasure upon the poster boards.

Now’s the time … the window of opportunity with the new moon striking precisely at 6:24 p.m. (Pacific Time) … and also the afternoon stomping above my apartment temporarily ceased with the neighbor back now at work. (She takes the longest lunch hours I’ve ever had the displeasure of experiencing!)

So I’m going to do as I always do in creating a vision board. Light a candle. Burn sage to cleanse the energy / space. Sit myself on the floor and get to work!

It’s a good work — indeed the best work! Because it’s creative and flawy and inspiring. (Long as I don’t let my internal critic / punisher obstruct or take over with messages of everything I haven’t done and achieved and how down deep I’m just the POS that my mother told me I am … see, there I go!!)

Cancel that.

I’m off! Happy New Mooning!

And if you’d like to create a vision board at this opportune time (into a day or two post-new moon), just gather up some old magazines and/or images printed off the Net that speak to your visions … scissors and glue and poster board … even a piece of cardboard will do if you need to McGyver it … and go wild!

Or in the words of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, Dream On!

Astro chatter: Retro Mercury’s about to change its flight path

Two days and counting.

A few hours shy of 48 hours until retrograding Mercury turns stationary direct.

It’s not that I’m at odds with Mercury retrograde. On the contrary. I’ve gained valuable insight, knowledge and understanding of Mercury in retrograde, what it means, what to do and not do during the 3-1/2 weeks of retrograde (closer to 8 weeks when including the front- and back-end shadows). Both life experience and Mercury have schooled me well on how to ride the bumpy surf that Mercury retro is.

So I’m counting the days not because of the retrograde itself, rather the sign it’s now traveling in. Aquarius. An air sign.

That’s made the ride dicier and challenging for me because I’ve no planets in air signs. Not a one. Closest I get is Mars in 28 degrees Taurus. A mere 3 degrees from Gemini. Hence there is some bleed-through that imbues my Taurus Mars with Gemini qualities.

Still, it is Mars in Taurus. As Mars likes to remind me. Moreso it’s Pluto, in Leo in exact square to Mars, that won’t let me forget! Those two are rugged individually. Together, they’re powerful forces. When tension arises {square = tension}, when their synergetic powers are unleashed, wow, get out of the way! They could move a mountain. Or bring down a 30-story building with two hands.

On the other hand, squares do bring immense challenges and opportunities for growth and evolution. With Mars the physical planet and Pluto the one of profound creative transformation, truly great things can be accomplished when their energies are harnessed and directed toward transformation and healing.

Squares (a square = 90 degrees planetary separation, with a 5-degree window on either side) often get a bad rap in astrology. I’ve been guilty of it. They are NOT easy, granted. When employed wisely, however, squares are enormous tools and avenues for soul growth. More so than with any other aspect in astrology, methinks. “No one works harder than someone with a square” is what I’d say!

I digress. Back to Mercury retrograding in airy Aquarius (from 17 to 4 degrees). I’ve no planets in air and hence am feeling the edginess (along with millions of others). Mercury retro in Aquarius will do that to anyone. Point is, as primarily a water baby and secondarily an earth mama, Mercury retro in any air sign is bound to rattle my cage pretty significantly.

In astrology, Aquarius is air. Air is mental. Thoughts. Dialogues happening in the head with one’s self or others. For me, as water baby and earth mama, there’s no place to plant the feet or waters to soothe the soul.

Merc retro in Aquarius is a hamster spinning circles on its wheel. “I can get there. I can get there. Wait, where the fuck am I going? Didn’t I cover this ground like 1,000 times already?!”

Revisiting. One of the effects of Merc retro. So not a bad thing by any means. But it’s hard to get outta the head when Mercury’s retro in an air sign (air signs = Aquarius, Gemini, Libra).

So in a way, Wednesday morning, when retro ends and Mercury resumes direct motion, can’t come soon enough! Of course, it will come when it comes and I’ll wait patiently. One cannot hurry the river, even when that river is flowing in reverse. A good analogy for Merc retro. There’s still that back-end shadow until March 2; however, the dust will begin to lift and air clear by Valentine’s Day.

Once Mercury leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces (on March 14, a day before my birthday!), I expect to be feeling better than I have. For starters, Pisces is my sign and its water my element. Probably bring a spring back to my step and ease that hamster-on-the-wheel retro effect.

I cringe to look ahead to the next retrograde. But I will. May 18-June 11. In Gemini (13 to 4 degrees). Also an air sign. That’ll be a doozy, for everyone and me too ’cause it’ll be in my 12th house {eeeyow!} With May still months away, I’m not gonna obsess or bite my nails just yet. I’ll hafta hang tight through that Merc-retro in Gemini surf! Or is that hang 10?! {Perhaps a poster of this on the wall would be a helpful reminder come May!)

Venus in Pisces: The Sea of Universal Love

Write about “the sky you were born under.”
(after Joy Harjo)
January 28 prompt, “A Writer’s Book of Days”

First, who’s Joy Harjo? Oh, a Mvskoke author, musician and poet. OK.

Write about “the sky you were born under.”

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

I was born under Venus shining brightly at the top of my chart. Smack on the Midheaven. At 16 degrees Pisces.

To those knowing little to nothing about astrology, picture it like this:
You’re on the peak of a mountain. You can ascend no higher. Nothing above you except sky. You’re surrounded by the heavens. Etheric atmosphere. That’s the Midheaven.

It’s night. Of the many many stars above you, there is one shining directly above you. Brightly. A beacon. A heartbeat in the heavens. It’s your heartbeat. Your guiding light in your lifetime. Like the North Star to the sailors. That is Venus — in Pisces. On the Midheaven. At 16 degrees. The sky I was born under.

Naturally all the rest of our solar system’s planets were in position too when I was lifted out of my biological mother. The sun … moon … Mercury … Mars … Jupiter … Saturn … Uranus … Neptune … Pluto. Assorted astroids too. All the players that comprise an astrological birth chart when we are delivered upon the stage of life.

It’s true that astrology is deeply complicated and profoundly complex. It’s true that astrology is a lifetime study. And that even if you devoted the whole of your life to it, you’ll never ever come to know all that there is to be known.

It’s true that astrology is a great passion of mine and has been since about 1985. Maybe even earlier. I don’t recall when I actually bought my first astrology book — and an excellent one it is! I believe I still have it too in a box of extremely whittled-down books stored in another state.

Funny thing about astrology. I’ve always been into metaphysics. Starting with a tarot deck that I gave to my dad one year for Christmas or his birthday? I was around 11. Looking back, what a silly gift! My dad would’ve had ZERO interest! I’m sure he never even cracked open that deck of cards and the accompanying book. But I sure did!

My metaphysical bent, nee nature, just took off. I dabbled in if not studied to working knowledge many “white arts.” Even very early on, I knew to stay away from black magic. Pretty sure I had at least one distant lifetime in it and knew better this time around.

Of all the metaphysical areas, the one that I didn’t believe in was astrology! Thought it was hogwash. Until I started doing people’s charts. I was blown away!

It made a believer of me. The studies deepened from that point forward. Astrology became me. And I it. It was, it turned out, a perfect harmonizing of my extraordinary intuition and my superb analytical / reasoning / skills and objectivity. Pisces meets Virgo. Pisces sun / Virgo moon. The spirit of a mystic and the heart of a hardworking meticulous scientist / student.

Circling back to Venus on the Midheaven — the apex of a chart — in Pisces. The sky I was born under is actually a Piscean sky. With Venus, Mercury and Sun all in Pisces and all in the 10th house. My soul and spirit are awash in the Neptunian energies. The sea is my Source, the imagination my home.

People with strong Piscean energies are, it’s said, old souls. Because in the circle of astrology, the first of 12 signs is Aries and the last is Pisces. It’s all very complex; I’m simplifying.

Among my many gifts is detachment and if I were presented a client chart with Venus smack on the Midheaven in Pisces, I’d say wow! I would. Any planet on the Midheaven is telling and of special significance. Venus there … it gets no higher than that when it comes to universal compassion, unconditional love. It’s the highest and finest of human nature coupled with the divine.

I’d say, before even examining all the other planetary players and their relationships (again, very complex, astrology is), this person is an artist. A visionary. A seer. And see-r.

This person needs to be in a creative field! The 10th house is career in astrology. This person should have a CAREER in the arts / creative expression. A person with Venus in Pisces on the apex needs to be creatively expressing all the time! Any creative endeavor and endeavors, plural, will do!

Venus in Pisces is refined.

In love, it gets no higher than that. Venus in Pisces is the highest point of development and achievement in love in a lifetime. You can go no higher in universal love vibration. It is Spiritual Love. All are One love. Not just mouthing the words or pretending that we are all one. It IS. No one knows it better or more fully than a Venus in Pisces.

With Mercury and Sun also in Pisces and also in the 10th house (top of the chart), well, there’s no denying that the sky under which I was born is one of extreme sensitivities, creative expression, spirituality, universal energies. Jesus, Buddha, angels, etheric beings, guides, spirits on the other side, the list goes on, they’re all my friends and neighbors!!! — and far more preferable than people on planet Earth!

The sky under which I was born is one of a visionary. A mystic. An addict. Every sign — starting with Aries on to Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces — has its positive and negative qualities and escapism is one of the Piscean potential negatives.

I didn’t come to planet Earth because I love people. I don’t. People suck. They ruin everything. I came here to embody and express and exemplify higher energies than those that characterize the dense and dark energies of this planet and, more specifically, its peoples. My calling, so visible in the sky mapping that is our blueprint — and we each have one for if you were born, you have an astral blueprint! — is that of an artist whose Creative Source is the universe.

And that IS the sky I was born under and shall die under since our astral mappings, aka birth charts, remain with us through our lifetimes, reminding us of our missions, shedding light on our weaknesses and strengths, our hurts and our gifts, our struggles and our achievements, our lessons and our missions. It’s all in there. It’s all visible, to me and to any skilled and capable astrologer.

And by the way, as fun and stimulating and illuminating as it is to read charts of those I know, it’s actually more fun and intriguing to read charts of complete strangers! It’s peering into their closet and traipsing through their psyche — all in the good and highest intent of help and service. It’s an adventure, doing charts of people is!

Yeah, should add that to the description of the sky under which I was born: universal traveler / adventurer! Onward and upward toward the ultimate achievement of being liberated from Earth lifetimes once and for all, never to return!! Now THAT, to me, Venus in Pisces, my sky, is bliss!

My vision board hits a blind spot

Vision boards.

Everyone knows what they are, no?

In simplest terms, it’s a poster board with images and words commonly cut out from magazines — but printed online works too — that inspire and tangibly express our desires, aspirations or goals.

Vision boards are ideally created at a new moon, a time of planting seeds. They should be displayed where you see them.

You needn’t sit in zazen staring at it daily! You want simply to keep the words and images in your consciousness and awareness so a spot you pass often in your abode suffices. Mine’s on a wall across from my laptop lounge chair.

I make it sound far fancier than it really is! It’s a blue vinyl patio chair bought for a buck at a yard sale. Apart from my bed, it’s my only piece of furniture and hence I feel quite “elegant” in it. You’d understand if you could see the rest of my furniture: boxes from Costco!

But I digress.

New moons are the ideal time to create a vision board. Posting it where you can see it daily is important. And taking it down to make room for a new board — too important.

Vision boards, like our dreams and goals, need to be refreshed. Stagnation, getting stuck in a rut and comforts of familiar patterns and outdated patterns of behaviors and thinking do not serve you.

Likewise, a vision board that no longer resonates has a similar effect. Could be a matter of having achieved your desires or intentions. Or a matter of no longer truly desiring or needing the contents or themes of a hanging vision board.

New moons are perfect opportunities to examine where you’re at and plant those seeds. New moons are, likewise, ideal for articulating those true desires, intents and needs with resonating words and images.


We just had a new moon in 0 degrees Scorpio on Thursday, Oct. 23. Also a partial solar eclipse. Because of the Scorpio element, it’s a perfect eclipse-empowered moon to plumb our inner selves and from those Scorpionic depths give voice, visual form or both to our needs and desires at this time.

I was all rarin’ to go. I had my vision. The images. The words.

Then plop.

My printer died.

Downloaded images for which I’d spent oodles of time scouring the Net, “hangin’ around” on my desktop awaiting their print jobs.

I’m in this uncomfortable position of needing to choose whether to pay way too much for a new printhead via Amazon that’s likely but not certain to fix the problem or simply buy a new printer and incur all the additional costs of new cartridges, etc.

I don’t need help weighing the pros and cons of each option.

I do need a working printer again.

I was really bummed when my various lifesaving attempts for my Canon Pixma 4200 turned to dust. It’s a terrific printer and has been for these some nine years.

So I’ve got that on my plate.

And no vision board.

Vision boards, like I mentioned, are best done in a new moon (two days ago in this case). There’s a narrow window of time — 2-3 days after the new moon — where you can still hook onto and ride her coattails. Much past that and you may as well wait out the lunar cycle until the next new moon to plant those seeds and create that board.

I need to create a board. I know I need to create a board. And I know that I know.

I know that I need to create a board on this particular new moon. In Scorpio. At 0 degrees. In my 5th house of — da-da-dum — creativity!

I also know what the theme is, what needs to go on the board in terms of words and images. I also know that the clock’s a-tickin’.

And I know that the vision board that’s on my wall needs to be moved from its central location or or come down altogether. The themes aren’t irrelevant. Matter of fact, they’re still as pertinent now as they were when I created the board, what, two months ago.

Yet things have shifted and are shifted and I do myself no favors by “looking at an old board” or refusing to let new energies and themes present themselves and unfold before my very eyes. So to speak.

Damn! That printhead picked a bad time to die! Speaking of Scorpio new moons. 🙂 Scorpio = the sign of death and rebirth. How that applies to a printer — IF it applies — I’ve not entirely figured out. 😉

Regardless, one thing’s for certain. My vision board’s been blindsided by the printer’s breakdown.

All things must pass, said George Harrison. Coincidentally, like me, also a Pisces. Even more coincidentally, with a Scorpio moon! At 0 degrees! Spot on this Scorpio new moon! Freeeeeaaaaaky!