America in Collapse

I am witnessing the takedown of America.

It is deliberate, methodical and organized. The hatred, frenzied determination and willful fury are directed to take down President Trump and the country.

Our civilization, our history and our culture are being breeched and dismantled with unrelenting force by unrelenting forces.

Our terrorists are not exclusively from outside our borders. They arrived not dressed in black from head to toe, in ski masks concealing all but their yes and speaking in Arabic, commanding planes they learned to operate on our soil.

They are bred from within. Indoctrinated, trained, supported and paid for by dark forces far far beyond our borders. George Soros is the most evident, the Usual Suspect but hardly the only operative. His global web of destructive assistants, lackeys and tools and wealth are far-reaching phenomenal. Still they pale against the breadth and depth of his evil ruinous crusades.


My Country, My Voice

July 8, 2020


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