Patience wearing thin like these Chinese cloths

The banjo strings are tightening.

I’ve been supremely patient and adaptive since this whole coronavirus thing erupted.

(After abundant rigorous reading and research, I’ve arrived at my own conclusions — but no postings on that.)

I’ve also, to my credit, taken the higher road — or at minimum the right road — at every step.

I’ve participated NOT AT ALL in greed and hoarding. To me, they are revolting, repulsive and make me ashamed to be part of the human race.

I’ve mindfully been present in all public transactions — momentary though they be. Smiling at another during a walk. Social distancing, particularly for the comfort of others. Striking up (socially-distanced) conversations with strangers.

In rotten times, I become nicer, kinder. My better self emerges because it can.

Meaning: In normal conditions, I become invisible, insignificant, irrelevant — rendered so in a gluttonous Western society of ME ME ME ONLY ME ALWAYS ME NO ONE BUT ME. I’m the proverbial tiny goldfish in a sea of sharks and they are vicious!

So! Acts of kindness, expressions of acknowledgement, appreciation and gratitude — these are at my forefront and heaped particularly upon every market cashier.

Their jobs are SHIT now …. made so by SHIT people. I’ve worked retail. I know its hells in normal times. My heart truly goes out to employees on the public front lines during these shambles.

So yesterday I walked to the nearest (large-chain) market as I’ve done nearly every day for the past week.

I was in search of — rather hope for — one roll of paper towels. That’s it.

ONE. Not 100. Not 1,000. Not 1 million to sell at 10,000% markup on eBay. ONE.

It was the exact same scene that it’s been for nearly 2 weeks there and everywhere. Shelves stripped of toilet paper, paper towels. As usual.

I left empty-handed as usual.

On my way out, I chatted with the clerk. Of late, this is my ONLY interaction with another human being. Not exaggerating.

And I uncharacteristically vented.

About the absence of paper products. Not seeing TP, tissues, paper towels for nearly 2 weeks everywhere I go. Of shelves stripped bare.

“Not mad at you!” I assured the young clerk, who remained friendly, apologetic patient. “It’s everywhere. I’m just so TIRED of this. I’m venting. I’m just venting.”

He understood.

Fact is, there’s no SHORTAGE of paper products. Manufacturing is still happening — big time!

It’s people’s GREED the unending stream of GREED and HOARDING that’s creating this.

It’s been about 2 weeks since this whole thing erupted. You’d THINK that all the hoarders and “greeders” would’ve overstuffed themselves, overfilled their plates by now — resulting in products on shelves again.



My patience is wearing thin.

My graciousness is being strained — by this whole ShitShow.

By people being TOTAL DICKS.

There’s NO REASON FOR IT. Buy your roll of paper towels or TP or Kleenex. BUY WHAT YOU NEED AND LEAVE SOME FOR OTHERS! DICKHEADS!

I’m done.

Not a single roll of paper towels to be had.

I left with the sole unsuitable substitute for paper towels in the store. Cheap reusable cloths from China (ugh) … flimsy and thin … like my patience is becoming:


What a roll of paper towel looks like amid human Greed. Recorded March 27 2020.

Many people are truly suffering — and worse — now.

My problems don’t amount to a hill of beans.

Yet ALL of us are experiencing stress, hardships, frustrations and, for me, a heightened unmitigated disgust with people’s bad behaviors — which are making things WORSE and adding gasoline to a fire that none of us started or invited.

In these times, there’s the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

I’ve reported on the Good in prior posts. Today I report on the Ugly.

I’m exhausted.

End of today’s post.









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