Karma, where art thou?

Phoenix is the Shithole of the Southwest.

Certain neighborhoods are worse than others. There are trashed-out gang-infested ghettoes that you don’t want to drive through even in daytime and if you must, do so with windows rolled up and doors locked.

Phoenix (Arizona) has a particularly low breed of human being — as this newsmaker today reminds:

Police seek man who robbed victim in wheelchair at ATM

A black guy in a hoodie stood behind the 63-year-old victim in a wheelchair while the person was using the ATM inside a convenience store.

Then the suspect grabbed evidently the cash and fled.

The video, which clearly shows the crime and assailant’s face, has been released. However, I do not wish to pollute my blog with images of that pos.

I mention this item because it follows a similar story earlier this month.

A man was arrested trying to steal a wheelchair from a woman sitting in it on the light rail train.

Again: The victim was IN HER WHEELCHAIR.

Takes a Special Breed of Scum to target the handicapped, the immobile, the elderly.

But that’s Phoenix.

You’ll say “but that shit happens in any big city.”

That’s true to a degree.

Some American cities are much worse than others.

There are places where crime per capita and violent crime far exceed the national average. There are hoods where even the police with their best weapons fear to tread. Chicago. New York. Los Angeles, Phoenix, for example.

I’m really disturbed by this black dude stealing from the wheelchair-bound victim at the ATM.

My morality and conscience and integrity tell me it’s wrong.

My compassionate heart tells me it’s heinous because it is a disabled person who was targeted.

My street smarts tell me this motherfucker will not be captured. Like trying to find the needle in a massive haystack of thugs. Anyone with information’s requested to call Silent Witness. Good luck with that.

My spirit wants to believe that karma will come to every criminal — probably not in this lifetime but another.

But I don’t know that I fully believe that.

I’ve seen too many shitty people lead great lives, comfortable lives, full of wealth and abundance and lifestyle riches and freedom from incarceration deserved.

Karma, where art thou?! Get your butt over here, now!

Anyways, to both these wheelchair victims, I want to extend my heartfelt compassion and say I’m sorry. I’m sorry there are pieces of shit in humanity.

They make me ashamed to be human.




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