These blackout curtains are hot stuff!

I like to give credit where credit is due.

And credit is due these curtains.

Silk Home blackout curtains.

They do more than block out the light … which they do extremely well.

I know. I’m a night owl. My normal bedtime is 4 a.m. Sometimes as late as 5:30-6 a.m., thank you insomnia.

I’m also incredibly light sensitive. Like to surreal levels! Like alien-not human levels! A sliver of light’ll wake me up. So my sleeping space needs to be pretty pitch black, like a cave.

I’ve tried lots and lots of blackouts. Some I’ve purchased. Some I’ve fashioned in my skillful creative McGyver ways.

These Silk Homes rock at keeping out the daylight so this vampire can sleep.

However, perhaps my greatest enthusiastic endorsement lies in their insulating thermal quality.

I live in southern Arizona — desert Phoenix. It is f-ing hot.

Blazing sun.

Daytime temps from 100 to 120 F. (37.7-48.8 C) for 4-month stretches. Midnight lows at 100 degrees (37.7 C). Currently it’s 113 degrees (45 C)  in early evening (4:44 p.m.)

Brutal conditions that put any window covering and sunshade — down to your windshield  shades — to a test.

Moreover, my little studio is particularly challenged by sunlight from sunrise to sunset  — as one of two of its windows faces east, the other west.

Nice! … in winter! Brutal! …  in summer.

Naturally the curtains are kept closed to keep out the sun and keep in the air-con cool.

However, I do need to crack them open to let in a little natural light.

And I am ALWAYS impressed — if not a little alarmed — by the curtain’s temperature! The thermal side facing the window is so warm, you could toast a slice of bread!

That hot thermal surface affirms just how much heat they’re absorbing … how much heat they’re keeping OUT of my residence!

So yeah, these Silk Home blackouts – thermal/insulating curtains — best I’ve ever had! Plus they drape well, look stylish and are available in a variety of pleasing colors.

(BTW, this is a purely personal endorsement …  it’d be cool if one day Silk Home reads this!)

I got mine at Costco (online — as I needed extra-long, not available in-store).

And the price, omg! About $30 for a pair!

Kudos! They’re a keeper!

Silk Home blackouts

Silk Home Blackout Thermal Curtains


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