Hot? Ha!

“It’s been so hot the past few weeks with 90 degree temps …” wrote this blogger.

I woulda spit out my coffee laughing if I’d been drinking any. I wasn’t so laughing alone had to suffice.

Here in Phoenix, AZ, today’s high is 99 F. (37.2 C). A refreshing 99.

A cool blip in a month where daily highs will hover around 105 (40.5 C).

That’s just the beginning! It’ll grow even hotter — brutally so, fatally so — come July and August.

Tell that to the blogger in North Carolina who wrote that 90-degree temps are hot!

I’ve lived all about in all sorts of climates. Dry and temperate. Dry and furnace-y. Cold and dry. Cold and damp (NEVER AGAIN!). Hot and humid.

In environments with snow. Droughts. Monsoons. Tsunami. Tornadoes. Earthquakes. Seasonal fires. Wild winds.

Have not lived in a place of extremes, like northern Alaska or Antartica but between them I’ve struck a “happy” medium of variety.

So I’m qualified more ‘n’ most to articulate what’s hot and what ain’t.

Temps in the 90s: Not hot! Some folks need to get out more! Explore the world. Live elsewhere. Be elsewhere. Gain perspective. Variety’s the spice of life, they say.

It’s more than that.

Variety is gemstones to wisdom.

The gemstones may be rough. Sharp-edged. Uneven. Need polishing, kind attention and tending to, like a plant. Be cultivated individually until collectively they shine in radiant wisdom.

At the end of the day — and that is written into the fate of each of us! — to become wise is an achievement.

So when I meet my Maker and am asked: “Did you experience life vast and wide and far” I can respond with a resounding YES!!!!

“Good job, child,” he’ll say. “Excellent work.

“Now tell me, how’s the weather down there on Earth?”

+ + +

afterword: and guess what! I’ll be able to answer that question from the highest authority! Cool! Which, for the record, cool is 90 degrees. just sayin’ … 🙂