Know cubit? Raise your hand.

I’m not average. Merriam-Webster proves it.

… though I certainly didn’t need to M-W to validate what I’ve known all my life. 🙂

Today’s Word of the Day: cubit

“any of various ancient units of length based on the length of the forearm from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger and usually equal to about 18 inches (46 centimeters)”

A factoid buried somewhere in my brain that rang familiar.

Curious, I pulled out my tape measure. The one I carry always in my daily backpack. Yes, that little one that measures only up to 6 feet. 😦

You never ever find a droplet of mascara or dusty particle of powder foundation in my backpack — or residence!

But if need something measured while out and about, I’m your gal!

I laid my outstretched arm on the bed. Measured precisely from fingertip to top of elbow bone. Twice. Like any engineer or cutter would do. “Measure twice, cut once.”

Precisely 16.5 inches.

I’m a petite 5-foot-2 (157.48 cm) so not surprising — nonetheless refreshing to fall yet again outside the average.





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