Play s’il vous plaît

There’s writer’s block that impedes flow.

Then there’s the mighty Roman flotilla that brings flow to a dead stop.

Endeavoring to loosen the constraints and restraints on creativity, I’ve been looking at sites with exercises on making writing time fun, silly, playful again.

Stumbled upon this one:

It’s inactive these days but that posted exercise withstands the passage of time. So here goes writing with no particular rhyme or reason, goal or destination — save silliness.

Migraine ouch! too much sugar

Birthday girl yesterday c’est moi

Say coursing through my veins

Pancakes, syrup thick — like my head

I know better but do it anyway

exceptions on birthdays after all

Coffee drinks heavy with chocolate syrups

whipped cream enough calories for a family of 4 in Rwanda

where I’ve never been and aspire to never go.

Not even if their pancakes and coffee shakes are free

on birthdays.

Brownie, vanilla ice cream, chocolate torte

dense but who’s denser me or the torte?

Big cookies, chocolate chunk and oatmeal raisin

Raisin my blood sugar cruisin’ for trouble

all sweets consumed in the spirit of a birthday

I’ve survived one day – hey!

having ascended a Sugar Mountain – thank you Neil Young

for that classic early tune

June by jove my body should be divested of these sugar clumps

I’ll jump for joy to be back in balance

and for now be done with this poetic parlance.



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