A day to glow and blooooow!

Make a wish.

And blooooowww!


It’s sooooomebody’s birthday!! Could it be mine?! Why yes! Yes it is!

That’s 6 decades + 2 revolutions around the sun.

It’s the one day a year I get to glow, like the candles, without repercussions, harmful consequences, punishment. A day to shine, to be. I’ll take it. Gladly.

Years = 62. Not an insignificant amount of time under the belt! Not to mention worldly and otherworldly life experience!

Have I a pearl of wisdom to dispense this day?

Not in particular.

I could dispense one every day for a year and not run out, Of the many peculiarities and truths about me, one stands out tall in the crowd. It is this:

An easy life it has not been — beginning, coincidentally, perhaps ironically given today’s date of birth — from birth.

Part of me’s astonished I survived. Made it this far!

Part of me’s sad for the damage done, the challenges overcome and yet to be overcome.

Part of me’s relieved — for through this vast worldly, unique and unconventional life I’ve gained — nee earned — incredible solid wisdom, astounding insights and extraordinary compassion for others; still workin’ on that compassion for self. 😉

Part of me’s hopeful — that the worst is truly behind me and better (as I define it) is to come.

Part of me’s tired, quite tired, fatigued, worn out (health issues). Part of me’s deeply wearied — not by life, by people.

Part of me’s yet amazed at how well I’m doing, things considered, age considered.

I’m still athletic/sporty, spritely, quite flexible — though not as much as the gymnastic Gumby girl of my youth. I can assume many yoga poses that would be impossible for others my age and younger. No extra pounds and low blood pressure (actually too low! — genetics).

My mind’s sharp and I’m very mobile, as passionate a solo traveler as ever and passionate about Subbie, my companion of nearly 17 years.

In sum, there’s room for improvement in my health, for sure, my sleep and stubborn ongoing insomnia, absolutely. In my diet (though it’s not bad) and water intake — particularly necessary in this dry Arizona climate.

Mostly perhaps, here’s room for improvement in my attitude — above all, toward myself. I am kind to others, not myself. Attend to others, not myself. Make others matter and never myself.

I’ve lived a life invisible. Correction: I’ve trudged through and survived life as an Invisible (rooted in family of origin).

I’d like to see this change. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, speaking of wisdom: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

It’s no longer the world I’m concerned about changing. It’ll be what it is and continue to spin whether I’m here or not.

No, the passion to change the world is a thing of my youth, discarded through accumulation of wisdom.

The change that I wish to see is within.

The world within, which eventually intersects with the the world without.

It’s bad luck to share your birthday wish, it’s been said. Perhaps it is, perhaps not. Rebel and mold-breaker that I am, there it is, said and written, my wish from birthdate March 15 now to March 15, 2020.

Happy Birthday Al! 62 years. You’ve made it this far!

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