A dog from the inside out

The dog in distress nearly two weeks now is no better.

For the record:

His poop in the hallway yesterday afternoon:


poop 1-27-19

And this morning:


poop1 1.28.19

Just a few hours later …


poop2 1.28.19

The poor guy. The poor sad neglected sweet adorable dog.

Despite evidence unveiled here, the owner / roommate continues insisting his dog is fine because he’s up and moving. He continues to deny him medical attention.

My. blood. is. boiling.

I post these pictures to show the world an animal from the inside out.

They DO communicate.

They DO tell us, repeatedly — in this case via frequent daily sickly poops, once abnormal, now the new norm, I’m disgusted to write — that something is wrong.

This dog could not express more clearly.

They show us that they’re sick, possibly dying. In all cases? No. Certainly in this one, however.

What will it take for the owner to GET IT? Death of the dog? I shudder at that likelihood. Killing an animal by neglect.

He’s dying from the inside out.

I am witnessing.

There is none so blind as he who will not see. Or listen.

An owner who won’t heed the signs, who rejects the animal by refusing to listen, does not deserve to have an animal.


End of story. Turn the page.


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