Dog says “I’m sick,” dad says “you’re fine”

I want to show you a few pictures.

Know that they’re not pretty but they’re real.

The first is what was in the front hallway when I got up.


poop in hallway this morning

The second is the poop from the dog’s afternoon walk a few days ago.


goopy poop on recent walk

And this is 30 minutes after the poop above.


goopy poop again 30 min. later

This is not my dog. The dog, a greyhound around 7 years old, belongs to my roommate. He’s about 51.

The dog is unwell and has been for a week. He is getting no better.

Both the frequency and quantity of his poops have more than doubled in the past week.

He’s also pooping in the house 1, 2, even 3 times a day. Totally abnormal. His norm is morning and evening during his walks.

The poop quality, you can see for yourself.

There’s a heap of other evidence of the dog’s unwellness that I don’t care to detail.

Yet the owner refuses to do a thing about it. He won’t take his dog to the vet or even submit a stool sample.

What “John,” let’s call him, sees is what any person can see. Copious amounts of soft-serve poop and diarrhea dumped inside the house and outside during walks.

Yet to John’s eyes, his dog is fine because he’s up and about and moving and presenting his usual occasional bursts of energy.

He’s defended his claim that his dog is fine despite copious evidence to the contrary. At that point, I couldn’t take it any longer. I had to walk out on the verge of an emotional breakdown tearjerker mixed with rage.

None of this evidence in poop and other behaviors is a concern to John. He insists he’ll “watch” his dog. His version of “caretaking.”

“Watch” him for WHAT?! His dog’s already communicating — nee SCREAMING — that he’s sick, that something’s wrong and NOT GETTING ANY BETTER, in fact is worsening over the past week.

There’s more to the story that I can’t get into. So bullet-points.

  • I can say only that after a week of this, I’m no longer cleaning up the numerous poop(s) that the dog leaves in the house during the days when I’m here and John’s at work.

A very hard decision to come to. However, there are higher reasons for it, principally that John needs to GET what his dog’s communicating and address it. I’m no longer bearing his responsibility. If the house reeks of poop, so be it.

  • If something happens to the dog, it’s on John. He’s already outright said so himself. He’d rather take the gamble of his dog succumbing to further illness and worse than provide the care and attention the dog needs and deserves.

What kind of person does this?!? You be the judge.

  • For me, he is no friend of mine.

John was a friend over the past 2 years — coincidentally almost to the day.

Our friendship will not survive this. It will not and cannot.

I used to respect John. However, his responses to his dog’s illness — the neglect, the inaction, the cavalier attitude — have illuminated things about him that not just bring me to disrespect but dislike him.

  • I no longer want to be around this person as a roommate or in my personal life.

I’ve got to get out. Move. Glitch is, a terrible tight super-competitive and expensive rental market impedes moving on the quick. There’s need for caution and to avoid jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Arrrgh.

Again, so much more to the story. Suffice it to say that I am struggling.

The dog’s health and well-being are my first concern, absolutely, far and away the first. He is unwell. He needs medical attention. This he is communicating loudly, clearly, unequivocally.

Next, I’m enraged at John and his shitty response to his loyal and steadfast friend and companion of many years. The dog deserves so much better.

So do I. Because what John, in his SELFISH ways, is failing to see is the toll this is taking on me, a HUGE animals lover and advocate and he knows this. I’d take a bullet for an animal I love. Being forced by circumstances untold to stand back and watch the dog suffer — YES, JOHN, he’s suffering DESPITE your claim that he’s fine ’cause he’s up and around — my blood BOILS just writing this!

This poor dog. He is loved by me and cared for and being prayed for every day throughout the day.

Animal abuse of any kind is wrongwrongwrong.

The comeuppance and karma, whatever form they take, that will come to John are deserved. I absolutely will feel no compassion for him. Only for this dog, this poor creature who needs and deserves so. much. better.

Prayers for him to receive the care he needs, for his recovery, for his wellness, for his life.


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