Soup Nazi Still Says: No Muffin for You!

Ugly, this bout of food poisoning.

As described delicately in the prior post.

More than 48 hours have passed since a lemon poppyseed muffin from a gas station convenience store brought me to my knees, literally.

Am somewhat surprised it’s taking the body this long to rid itself of the contamination. Maybe it’s my age (sunset years) … or the particular bacteria.

Whatever the reason(s), the healing progresses — slowly.

Yesterday was able to get down the remaining half of the chicken noodle soup I couldn’t stomach the day after the nightlong vomit fest. And managed a slow melt-in-the-mouth of a little Lindt chocolate 90% cocoa so uber bittersweet, nooo sweetness.

Also graduated from soothing diet ginger ale to coffee! A big step indeed considering java’s acidity. Also, well, admittedly, I drank up all the ginger ale in recovery. A trip to the market for more ahead.

The fever’s vanished plus I slept a reasonable 8-9 hours instead of the 16 immediately after the poisoning.

But I still have no appetite or desire to even view or touch food beyond soup or possibly some quality ice cream — both soothing to the stomach. Which feels like it’s been run over by a semi and a bus simultaneously.

Food poisoning’s ugly. No two ways about it. It causes massive cramping, vomiting, diarrhea, fever,  dehydration — even hospitalization in worse instances.

However, the body is amazing! Its ability to repair and right itself, with little to no instruction or guidance from our minds — also amazing!

When you cut your finger, you don’t have to tell your body what to do to heal. Various biological systems immediately spring into action, independent of instruction from you, to repair the wound.

Biology fascinates. Looooooooved it in high school, love it still decades later!

Anyhow, this food poisoning, as gross and unpleasant as it was, has rekindled my appreciation for my physicality, the body’s innate processes to heal that adhere to their own rhythm like clockwork. Gotta love the body as it repairs itself from damage. With no conscious instruction from me. Rest assured, I’d only make matters worse!

Still: Feelin’ only 50-60% some 48 hours later.

Still: Pretty woozy and raw in the stomach/gastrointestinal system.

Still: Like Soup Nazi commands: No muffin for me!


Yes Sir!







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