Do I Stay (and Read On) or Do I Go?

Do I start a new read?

Or finish the book I’m halfway through? The novel I began more than a month ago.

There are no rules. There is only dilemma.

I’m not inclined whatsoever to have multiple reads simultaneously on the proverbial nightstand.

Also, I don’t feel bound to finish reading a book just because I started it. Plenty of times I’ve borrowed one from the liberry — I’m a huuuuuuuuuuge liberry fan, get veritably all my reads there — and returned it unfinished for whatever reason.

The mood’s lost.

It’s not hitting that sweet spot.

It’s not as good as everyone said. (I look askance at public opinion on most everything, including books.)

It’s boring or too long for my energy investment.

Perhaps that’s the problem with “Zoo.” A James Patterson paperback I picked up for free in a tiny old library in Las Vegas, New Mexico, in the last three months of being on the road and homeless.

Now THERE’S a story worth reading if I wrote it!

Anywho, it’s 394 pages. Long for my tastes. I’m stuck at 179. Just shy of the halfway mark. Shall I press onward in a story that’s engaged me enough that I wanna now how it ends — at a snail’s pace of a chapter or two at a time — yet not so engaged that I can’t put it down.

Borderline Blah is how I’d describe it.

What to do what to do.

Set it aside and hope for a resurgence of interest at another distant time? Won’t happen. Plus as an anti-clutter nazi, I hate keeping stuff around that I won’t use, don’t need, don’t reference, etc.

So if I quit “Zoo,” to library donations it shall go. It’s heading there regardless but whether it shall be as finished or unfinished remains to be seen.

The season’s turning dark and cold — in many parts of the world but not here in Phoenix. Perfect time for a weird dark tale of animals gone mad and attacking and destroying people but why?!

Who am I to question or advise James Patterson on length of book or anything else. But to throw in my two cents, were “Zoo” roughly cut in half … maybe just maybe I’d know how the story ends sans the slog.

Anywho, such is the lightweight dilemma.

“Do I Stay or Do I Go” refrain by the Clash bounces in my brain.

James James James, why must “Zoo” be a work of uncaged words, left free to roam the prairies of our brains, with no confinement or seemingly end in sight? …

Perhaps, just perhaps, a leash on “Zoo” woulda made the difference …


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