Ice cream, you scream … ssshhhhhhhh

I scream you scream we all scream …

Hold on, Halloween was yesterday.

Today say:

Birthday Cake

Blueberry Cobbler

Blue Moon


Cinnamon Pecan

Coffee Chocolate Chip

Graham Central Station

Key Lime Pie

Salty Caramel Truffle

Spouse Like a House. (Huh?)

Your appetite whetted yet?

Those are but some flavors at an ice cream store featured in the newspaper.

Try it I must!

See, ice cream’s my favorite food on the planet. (Sushi’s second.) Good ice cream. Not junk. Not frozen yogurt — a substitute for ice cream – puuleaze, don’t insult my palate! Not sugar-free. Certainly not ice milk!

Bring on the butterfat!

Bring on the savory.

Bring on the sweet — not too much — and contrary to most Americans who absolutely equate flavor with sugar. The recipe to quality ice cream is balance. Mouthfeel. Add-ins in proper proportion. Like craft beer, quality ice cream is a science and art.

So I did nothing on Halloween night — frighteningly unheard-of phenomenon not to celebrate my Most Favorite Holiday.

Couldn’t let it go completely unrecognized so in lieu of gorging on candy neither wanted nor needed, I treated myself to an introduction to the ice cream store about which I’d read very good things, Handel’s. Cool story too.

An extensive and mouthwatering menu greeted me — with standard fare like black walnut, chocolate chip, Oreo cookie.

Then the intriguing flavors. Like in the above list.

Like Twixter. You can guess but sample to be sure. This Twixter is vanilla with caramel ripple, chocolate chips and sugar cookie pieces.

Like Buckeye.

What’s buckeye candy? Peanut-butter fudge balls partly dipped into chocolate to resemble eyes.

How Halloween-y.

Like Blue Moon. Sorry to disappoint (fellow) beer drinkers but it’s not what you think. Or hope. It’s blue raspberry-flavored ice cream.

I wasn’t craving any particular flavor rather one unique.

Fortunately it wasn’t busy — with everyone loading up on sweets elsewhere! — which allowed me time to sample without holding up a line. (Which I ‘d never have done, I’d-a baled first, but that’s another Overconsiderate Me post.)

I sampled from a short list of candidates, based on descriptions provided by a helpful and rather patient young employee.

Wasn’t seeking ice cream to wow or rock my world rather just to like it.

I wasn’t winning. It’s how I ended up sampling 6, 7, maybe 8 flavors. Small samples so don’t go calling me a glutton now. I simply was not liking what I tasted, for one reason or another.

Finally a hit.

Graham Central Station.

Graham-flavored ice cream with a graham-cracker ripple and chocolate-covered crunchies.

One of their most popular flavors, turned out.

Since the scoops were small, I could (calorically) afford a second flavor. Plus it was Halloween after all. Nor a day for Conservative Sugar.

Not as easy as it sounded. 

I’d sampled and ruled out numerous flavors I normally go for as well as “exotic” ones . Except peanut butter and jelly, which I didn’t try, despite a lifelong passion for peanut butter. I don’t care for sweet as add-ins or generally.

So I proceeded to do something normally reserved exclusively for Deschutes Brewery beers.

I chose a flavor on blind faith. Isn’t all faith blind?


No sampling. No idea what I was getting — except that it fell within a ballpark of preferences.

More so, ’twas an act of compassion for the employee who’d patiently assisted for a while. I wanted to “set him free.” 

It’s one Blind Faith scoop. One day. If I didn’t like it, it’s not the end of my world. 

Sadly, I could not tell you what the Blind Faith flavor, the second scoop paired with the Graham Central, which was actually pretty tasty,  \except it was chocolate. Left no impression. Once again, didn’t invoke excitement or satisfying pleasure.

The anticipated first dip into Handel’s Ice Cream — “homemade ice cream since 1947” — was a bust. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. Or would be returning.

My foodie / “ice creamer” wasn’t satisfied; my curiosity was.

I scream, you scream, we all scream ….

at Halloween.

Sadly there is no screaming for ice cream at Handel’s.

For you rarities with curious and attentive minds, to answer the lingering question about what exactly is Spouse Like A House ice cream:

It’s malted vanilla ice cream with Reese’s Peanut Butter ripple and chocolate-covered pretzels.

Now you know. Now can sleep peacefully. Bwaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahaha


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