Befriending Napolean Hill

What would it feel like to be really wealthy?

A query not about the money exclusively but the lifestyle. The comforts, the security, the liberation from worry, stress, never having enough, the constant struggle to stay afloat, nee survive.

A query much on my mind for various reasons, tops among them my stepmother. She’s rich and in no way ostentatious. In fact, given her life tending to her farm and animals, you’d unlikely suspect her riches.

She’s just off to Europe — for 4 months!! Be assured that she’s not hoofin’ & backpackin’ it. Not at 69-ish!

I’m thrilled for her. And share her love of travel. Therein lies my envy. That she can pick up and go and (a) have a home to return to and (b) plentiful money still in the bank — my dream life!

At 61, I’m really contemplating how to make this last leg of life — well, to be blunt — fucking way better than legs preceding.

Enter Napolean Hill. Author of “Think and Grow Rich” in 1937. Fascinating story and man. Tome’s considered not merely groundbreaking but THE Go-To book on creating wealth and abundant living.

I’m so ready to learn what Hill has to teach!

Downloaded the ebook (for free!), read the intro late last night. Today I’ll begin Chapter 1. My goal’s to read slowly, mindfully, shift my consciousness to wealth and abundance (and away from what I was given (and not) growing up).

I’m a Napolean Hill initiate.

Ready, eager and willing to transcend impoverishment for better. Even if I can’t yet visualize what a wealthy, comfortable and secure life would look like to me, I’m game to start that journey.

Speaking of which, safe and amazing travels to my stepmothers over the next 4 months!

As she begins her particular journey, so do I.




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