Yes, Virginia, rain really happened


The song of every living creature in Arizona at the moment! From trees to cacti to single blades of grass to animals of earth and sky and human beings … we’re connected in singular Rejoice!

At last: It has rained.

At long long long long looooong last.

From Severe to Moderate to Extreme — as defined by the National Drought Mitigation Center — whichever category your location, all agree that Arizona is in a drought and suffering.

I live in high mountain desert abundant with evergreens and pines. Not my pic but everywhere’s this drought on display:


For too long, precipitation has been record-breaking nil or nearly so.

Snowfall in my area alone last winter was laughable and temps warm — foreboding the dangerous wildfire season we’re experiencing.

BUT! the monsoon season is approaching. (Dollars to donuts you didn’t know Arizona has monsoons.)

Fingers crossed it’ll be a doozy and deliver 2 years’ of backlogged moisture. July and August will tell.

Meanwhile, Arizona is at long dry last getting a small taste of that manna today. Rain. Actual rain.

Not the heaving thunderstorms predicted. Media/forecasting overdramatizing. Yawn.

Light showers. We’ll take ’em. We NEED ’em.

REJOICE! sing all living creatures collectively.

I can feeeeeeeeel it all around me. Hear it in bird chirps. In the light drip-drip-drip from the leaves.

When did we last hear this?!

Even I, too a living creature albeit not deprived of moisture, marvel at the difference elusive water makes upon the world.

I had to grab my phone to capture these celebratory moments, these rare sights unseen. Kinda like shooting Bigfoot.

For these brief showers are ceased. If not by day’s end, certainly by tomorrow, Sir Sol of Arizona shall be back on full shining display, erasing all traces of moisture. Happens that fast in a dry climate.

I wanna capture it all on (digital) film! … this wondrous world wetted … that shall pass all too quickly like a dream … return to burning dry all too cruelly … leaving all of us to ask tomorrow: “Did the rain really happen?”

REJOICE! Yes, Virginia, rain really happened.




bootiful petal pool


hear them sing!

EVERYTHING looks refreshed! …

from the clothes rack to flagstone to wooden yard trim … all things spring to life when the rains arrive …


raindrops: captured for posterity


from bone-dry stone to glistening


hey, where ya been, ye rain gods?? we’ve ALL missed you



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