I can see clearly now.

Or can’t.

Forced by necessity and years, I finally got new glasses.

My prescription is strong and I wear progressives. Particularly with progressives, which can be tricky, a correct prescription is imperative.

As I’ve done for years, I went to Costco. Starting with the optometrist, an independent contractor.

It started quite badly with his associate, whose very unprofessional behaviors I reported to the main man — who to help rectify the matter conducted another exam.

The new specs and (prescription) sunglasses arrived. I was so excited! I very rarely get new glasses, partly due to cost. I pay entirely out of pocket.


The fittings — ever tricky since I feel EVERYTHING down to the minute detail — went extraordinarily well. Certain individuals just have the right touch in adjusting frames. Getting that person makes all the difference!

Left the vision department to stroll through Costco. Within 2 minutes, I knew the brand-new specs weren’t right. By the blur cast upon everything to the right.

As the day wore on, I put both my daily-wear glasses and sunglasses to the test. Each, in their own ways, worsened my vision!

Example: License plates I could read with my old pair were illegible, blurry. With the old ones, I could make out a place maybe 20 feet back. The fresh pair, I need to be feet away from the car’s tail.

Ditto with road signs and streets that I could read with my old pair are now blurred, illegible. I need to be right under ’em before they clarify.

The pervasive blur makes me feel very unsafe on the road. And if you knew me, you’d know that I feel and practice an ENORMOUS and passionate sense of responsibility on the road. For the lives and vehicles of ALL as well my my own.

(To all you texters and phone users, fuck you. Go have your distracted-driving accidents with your own kind and leave us good drivers alone and alive.)

Back to the new specs. It’s like looking through the worldly window wetted with rain.

Is the problem the prescription? The lab’s crafting? Or some of each?

When my 3.5-year-old glasses markedly better correct my vision than new specs, something is wrong. CLEARLY. (ha)

Whatever the source, I’ve now got a big problem.

I hate having to put Costco (and/or the optometrist) into the position of potentially redoing not one but TWO pairs of expensive progressives.

But is it fair that I bear the cost of specs that worsen rather than help my eyesight? Specs that I won’t wear because the old ones offer better correction?

Perhaps I’ll go back to the old prescription, tweaking though it needs. It’s a costly problem, terribly unfortunate.

And while I struggle to absorb the burden rather than place it upon Costco and/or the optometrist, I can’t overlook one fundamental fact: It is my eyesight. It needs correction on and off the road, at all times every day except when sleeping.

I can see clearly now … a consult with Costco is in my future.





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