Real estaters: Driven by dollars not decency

Real estate agents are a special breed. They don’t give a flying fuck about renters in homes for sale.

They view occupants as interferences … obstacles … blockades to be shoved aside in pursuit of a sale and money.

I know. I’ve been a renter in a home for sale for 10 months

Ohhh the stories that’ve accumulated. The light that’s been shone unto that special breed  called real estate agents!

Selling a home that’s occupied by a tenant, rather than homeowner, is complicated — by legalities, for starters. Advance notice to the tenant, for starters. It’s 24 hours in some states, 48 hours in others.

In mine, it’s 48 hours. That legality was the first to go.

Once I got as much as 10 minutes’ notice by text, today’s norm of advance notice.

I was sick in bed. The owner, a good guy, didn’t know that. Had he, wouldn’t have changed a thing. I still would’ve been expected to get up and out. Agents and potential buyers trump all else.

I obliged. Peeled myself off the mattress, vacated the house. Doubt I even got outta my PJ’s, then when they’d gone it was back to bed.

Then the timeS when agents and their clients came early. That’s as rude as not showing up at all.

Once they arrrived 15-20 minutes early. I’d JUST stepped outta the shower. A few minutes earlier and I’d-a been buck naked when they let themselves in.

So. Not. Right.

Then there’s the no-shows — about 60%.

Because of a very steep driveway. One look from the car and they’d keep on driving. I was sickened but not surprised about how many people won’t even look at a house — a gorgeous one in this case — based on a driveway. Lazy American asses.

Most memorable no-show is the real estate agent who arranged a viewing for a client who is handicapped.

NO FUCKING WAY could this potential buyer negotiate that steep driveway! It was offputting to even normally-functioning people!

Yet the agent scheduled a viewing anyways.

So I set my alarm early, rearranged my morning accordingly.

Buyer takes one look at the driveway from the car window, say no way — JUSTLY SO. Then off they continue.

What the HELL was that agent thinking?

That’s the point — and what I observed time after time after time these past 10 months. Real estaters giving NO thought to the situation or tenant. No reasoning. No intelligence. No common sense whatsoever.

It’s about the buck.

My stories fill page after page. The stack of business cards left by agents stands yey high {1″}.

The number of people who have and haven’t traipsed through the house (due to the driveway) boggles the mind.

The streaming disruptions, intrusions and impositions through the space in which I reside have taken a toll.

As true and tiring that be, the kicker, the illuminating gut punch, is bad behaviors, unthinking behaviors, downright stupid behaviors,  the bulldozing behaviors by agents.

I’ve never encountered a constant stream of people not give a shit about a tenant. Run roughshod, ignore, disregard and disrespect not merely legal tenant rights but their basic existence.

I should apologize to agents for living, for breathing. Clearly that I exist has been their problem obstacle interference inconvenience.

Real estaters are a special breed for sure. They’re driven by dollar signs not decency.

I’m glad, I guess, to have been on this side of selling a home (that’s not mine, I rent). It’s been illuminating and educational. Would never wanna go through this again. Still, ultimately any learning experience, no matter its pain, stressors and challenges, has value.

I am ready to move on. Literally. ‘Til that day fast approaching, now that the house MAY finally sold, toodles for now.


4 thoughts on “Real estaters: Driven by dollars not decency

  1. Wow! It’s kind of funny (well, not ha-ha!) that the agent would try to pitch in such a place to someone so ill-suited to use it. At least, you don’t seem to have the “joy” of having to suffer through open houses, although I wonder whether this would make it better or worse than your current predicament.

  2. @longeye – The real estate agent didn’t believe that open houses were productive or worth the time. Months in, at the owner’s insistence, one was held — primarily (if not exclusively) for agents. I wasn’t here (neither permitted nor interested, frankly).
    Ohhhhhhh, the venomous stories of the (primary) real estate agent! She embodies the worst traits of the female species: vicious, dangerous, not to be trusted, manipulatively selfish. What Terri wants, Terri gets.
    Anywho, rather than launch into that nastiness, suffice it to say that after 9+ months of innumerable showings and nary a nibble — in a sizzling market, btw; granted, a steep driveway drove away half — she cut the owner free. In a text in which she said I’m the reason the house hadn’t sold.
    Yeah, a vicious cunt.
    Expedited end to the story: Her bitchy exit, new agent forced upon owner Joe, a week later a buyer appeared.

      • @longeyesamurai – She’s a piece of work all right. Wonder what she’d say if she knew that one week after forcing the homeowner onto a new agent, the house sold. Despite my presence (as a renter)! Honestly, I’ve often thought I do not know how her husband/family survives living with a vicious shark! I’d be breaking the world’s running record fleeing to save my life!

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