Of dirt and drought, a delight!

Biggest misconception about Arizona is it’s all sweltering desert.

Nothing’s further from the truth.

It’s true that southern Arizona — Phoenix, Yuma, Tucson — is that way. But the greater part of Arizona is not.

Matter of fact, I happen to live in one of those (very) temperate regions. High desert mountain. Same altitude as Denver, in fact. Mile-high.

Which isn’t to say that it’s not dry here! D-R-Y and severely drought-stricken. All of which segues into today’s post.

I hike religiously. Well, as religiously as a God-detesting heathen could. (That’s self-canceling, admittedly, complicated and definitely not today’s topic!)

Anyhow, I’m hiking the other late afternoon. Come along to share through my eyes.

Drought. Dry. Every direction vegetation thusly:


Then something catches my eye.


A single white flowering wildflower.

Well, would you look at that?!


“Little” things move me tremendously, deeply. Things having NOTHING TO DO WITH PEOPLE. Whom by and large I hate. My love of nature, however, is solid gold.

I behold this single plant. Marvel at its tenacity in such arid conditions. Not only to survive but produce beautiful delicate blooms.

Petals like white rice paper. Centers in bold sunflower yellow.

Behold its thorns! In Arizona, all’s about survival. This plant means business! Beautiful!


And its buds! The promise of blooms still to burst. Despite heat and drought. (Not Phoenix heat but hot enough.)


It’s windy windy windy in them thar (here) hills! Petals dance faster than my camera can capture. Still  …


Then a moment, still … revealing:


You may think me mad or heathen-ly at the least but I bow to no God. I bow to this. A single wildflower. In such dry brown topography. I bow to survival. To beauty. To life.

And then, as I must, I bid goodbye, with an honoring and sensitive soul, to one thorny wildflower.


That’s often all it takes for me. The single thing, small, so commonly overlooked by others, reaches into my heart and reminds life is grand.

(not people. Life.)




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