V is for Virgo — and vision boards

… because it is a new moon in Virgo … 28 degrees … technically at 1.30 am. Eastern time yesterday (Sept. 20) but new moon energies continue for about three days

… because new moons are a time to plant seeds, make wishes, envision desires and goals for the coming month {and thereabouts}

… because Virgo loves details! … order … organizing … making lists, if not actually then mentally

… because Virgo is a sign of healing and service and is an expert at cutting through the dross to reach the kernel of one’s truth and identify need

… because Virgo is uber-critical — to a fault — analytical — which can be perceived as cold, unemotional, overly rational – just-the-facts-ma’am

… because as far as new moons go, there’s possibly no better energy for defining personal desires, goals, needs … for essentially crafting a plan, inner road map …

or a vision board!

Everyone knows what a vision board is, no?

  • Get paper. Poster-size works well. Foam cores or poster papers with thickness are recommended since you’ll be gluing images and words.
  • Get materials. Magazines, printed matter. Thrift stores, libraries, freebies about town, hospitals, offices, stacks from friends/family, recycling bins. It’s amazing where you can source those throwaways! My YMCA, for example, gets a big variety of mags donated by members. Cool!
  • Get images off the Net. Before I begin vision boards, I often have themes in mind but lack the printed matter. For example, if I’m feelin’ waterfalls, I can’t count on local materials to provide options. The Net’s a GREAT source for what you can’t get your hands on.
  • Get scissors and glue. Experience teaches that sticky glue sticks provide less adhesion and workability than liquid glue with the precision tip. Glue sticks designed for mounting photos work great if you’re using photos you printed on photo paper off the Net.
  • Reflect. Envision. Dream!

Pore through your sources of images and words and cut out those that speak to you … that jiggle your heart … ignite a passion … or REMIND you of one long buried.

Only one stipulation with vision boards:

They speak to YOU — and FOR you.

The stuff that your parents or society or conventions tell you that you should be or should want or should have … that has no place on a vision board! Toss that stuff out with the scraps of paper from your cut-up magazines!

  • Play!

Take those images, pictures, words, letters that you cut out and play! Place them on your poster wherever feels right for you!

Some folks like tons of images and words overlapping.

Me, I like pictures and words set into their own spaces, singularly and independently. To each his own! Googling “vision boards” will produce a vast array of amazing examples and portrayals! And they’re so much fun to look at! The imagination knows no limits!

  • Creating a vision board is organic. Lively and prayerful. Sacred creativity. I often set the scene with candles, incense, music.

Vision boards can be done alone or in groups. Solo is my preference but there’s a lot to be said for a vision-boarding party! Women (I’ve yet to meet a male who does vision boards … not that they don’t exist!) bringing bunches of old magazines and supplies all gathered gettin’ all creative and havin’ fun.

Then when everyone’s done, everyone gathering in a circle and each woman taking her turn, holding up her board and sharing. It’s really special. Magical. Illuminating. Powerful.

  • Signing your board. Though not necessarily a common or oft-recommended practice,  it’s so important I feel. On the back I write a short prayer, a sacred message, and/or a symbol (i.e., the wiccan star) and the date.
  • Place the board where you can see it every day. This is key!

A vision board is a photograph of your consciousness. It is a living breathing creation. It is not to be shoved into a closet, folded and s;id under the bed!

Respect it. Gaze upon it. Glance at it as you pass through a room. Admire your work. Feed and nourish it with your attention. It’s like a plant. It needs you to water it! So take those moments every day to connect your heart and mind to your vision board!

  • Disposal. Now, I’ve done quite a lot of vision boards over time. I leave them up as long as they still resonate. When they no longer do, or it just feels time for a new one, I honor their passing.

Don’t simply toss it into the trash! You can burn it. Or soak it in water (a sink or tub) to unglue the images/words from their surface, then (and only then) everything can be tossed or recycled.

  • Begin anew upon another new moon.

One more thing on a personal note. My current living situation doesn’t lend itself to attaching things to walls … plus I’m rarely there.

My solution: I create mobile vision boards … in a spiral-bound sketch book! I have it open lying on the passenger seat in my car, where I spend a LOT of hours, particularly as a pizza-delivery driver! So my aspirations, goals, dreams travel with me — literally!

So that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it! You can too! All it takes is inspiring images … words … scissors and glue! And you! Creating … playing … envisioning … planting seeds on a new moon for harvesting … in their time — and yours!